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5 Ways to Secure Remote Proctored Online Exams in 2024

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Online Exams in 2024

5 Ways to Secure Remote Proctored Online Exams in 2024

Date: 19/04/2024 | Category: General

In today’s digital world, online tests have reduced location and reachability constraints. They have given freedom to candidates to take tests from anywhere, anytime but they also have become much more secure.

The common notion that online exams come with the freedom to cheat isn’t true.

While some people may argue that online exams offer students the temptation to cheat, there are various techniques to maintain integrity and fairness of the exam.

Importance of Securing Online Exams

There is a massive shift in the way students learn and employers recruit candidates. Online exams are great tools to ensure the competence of a student/ prospective employee. The digital age has brought us convenience but it has also brought a plethora of options to cheat in the exam. This brings us to the importance of securing exams. Securing exams is important to prevent cheating, remove biases, maintain the integrity of an exam, and secure the reputation of an institution.

Remote Proctored - Secret to Secure Online Exams

An online exam system offers scalability and flexibility to manage the end-to-end process, from questionnaire templates to processing results. Security aspects of the online screening process are crucial in overcoming fraud and unauthorised access to information.


5 Ways to Secure Remote Proctored Online Exams

Online Exam

1. Secure browser

Children of the digital generation are highly intelligent. They cheat during exams by looking up answers on the internet. They copy the solution and easily paste it into their system.

That's why exam software includes a secure browser option. This method allows candidates to open a separate window during the exam. They can access the exam window only when they take the exam. Also, it won’t allow them to copy and paste.

The system will issue a warning even if the candidate is ready to open another window. Additionally, candidates are required to use the system for short periods of time. If the warning level is exceeded, the candidate will be disqualified from the exam.

2. Data Encryption

Today's candidates are tech-savvy, so they try to hack question banks and gain unauthorised access to systems. However, students cannot hack the data if it is encrypted. The data encryption option should be selected if the administrator wants to provide valid results. This makes it easier for educational institutions to deliver correct results.

3. Remote proctoring

Supervisors do not need virtual exam technology to monitor candidate activity. The remote proctoring software has remote monitoring tools that detect suspicious activity automatically.

Image capture

  • Image capture
  • This is a form of digital surveillance that helps educational institutions secure remote online proctored exams. This technology can use the system to capture images if there is another person in front of the camera (using face recognition technology).

  • Streaming video
  • Additionally, monitoring or recording of all activities can be done by the software. If a candidate is exhibiting suspicious behaviour, the administrator has the opportunity to deduct the candidate's grade when announcing the results.

  • Screen capture
  • Online exam solutions include screen recording as one of the remote monitoring options. If the candidate is using a different browser, the screen capture tool will be activated and the screen captured.

  • Audio monitoring
  • In online mode, sometimes candidates reach out for help. The software detects suspicious sounds with audio proctoring tools. The software doesn't need human intervention to detect audio cheating.

    Today, with MeritTrac, institutes can enable remote practoring with or without the internet - for enhanced geographical reach. Our software helps with increased accessibility, flexibility, and convenience for both test-takers and proctors.

    4. Authentication & Authorization based on IP

    Today online tests are used by universities, colleges, and other educational institutions to assess the skills of students. Each device is assigned a unique IP address. This means that the IP address will be saved when the institution sets up the exam.

    This feature allows investigators to track suspicious activity related to the IP addresses on unregistered systems. Therefore, no one can log on to another computer. If students need to log in on another computer, they should contact their administrator and explain the situation before switching.

    5. Audit logging

    Audit logging is one strategy auditors can use to track unauthorized access to candidate logging.

    Institutes can add multiple layers of security for fair assessment. MeritTrac helps you to simplify the entire process with its diverse online proctoring services. It helps you to avoid the risk of cheating and academic misconduct.


    How Secure is MeritTrac Proctored Exams

    MeritTrac aims to make recruitment and talent development a convenient and easy process. Our online proctoring service adds security, trust, and credibility to our domain assessment process. Given our placement testing and the online nature of the platform, MeritTrac has built-in monitoring features that make the whole process convenient, economical, and democratic.

    By analysing cheat-prone behaviour such as inappropriate mouse movements, browser switching, and off-screen eye movements, proctors can encourage candidates to end their exam session with dignity. The tech-backed software helps in conducting online tests fairly and accurately.

    In a nutshell

    Implementing new technology often creates tension between speed, security, and budget. When it comes to remote assessment,online proctoring can balance these tensions, keeping leadership assessment tests and student data safe. These online assessments are easy to integrate and provide a secure environment.

    Assessment software by MeritTrac is backed by the latest technologies. If you are looking forward to improving and securing your online test processes, then we have got you covered. MeritTrac ensures the best user experience and keeps an eye on candidates for fair, fast and better selections.


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