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7 Things you need to know about Online Recruitment Software

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7 Things you need to know about Online Recruitment Software

Date: 09/05/2022 | Category: General

7 Things you need to know about Online Recruitment Software

Online recruitment software combines technology and artificial intelligence to ensure that companies find the best talents. The software is popularly used by company recruiters, hiring managers and other professionals involved in hiring new talents. The software streamlines the hiring process and makes it cost-effective. It also assists you in determining which candidate, based on their expertise and talents, would best fit your organisation.


What are the Benefits of Online Recruitment Software?

    • Saves time and money

Online recruitment software will help you save time and money. The hiring procedure is time-consuming and labour-intensive. The paperwork consumes time and costs money. An automated approach saves a lot of time and effort over long hours of paperwork. The money that would have been spent on hiring someone to handle the documentation is also saved.

    • Improves communication

There is a steady flow of communication through tools such as chatbots. The candidate can get quick responses to their common queries in a personalized manner. There are many frequently asked questions which hold a collection of commonly shared doubts among candidates. An FAQ page or a chatbot helps to improve communication and provide prompt responses.

    • Data security

All your company data including the profile of candidates and their personal information is stored at one place. The data is secure from loss or damage of any kind. Paper documentation usually creates issues due to document loss or damage.

    • Tracking job applicants

The programme allows for easy tracking of job applications. While it would take hours to read through each application in order to hunt down a specific individual, simply entering the applicant's name into the programme will suffice. With a single click, you can easily track their details or interview progress.

    • Reduces administration work

The use of online recruitment tools saves administrative work. Administrative personnel are required for a variety of administrative activities such as documenting, filing, recording, and analysing. All of these duties can be completed quickly and easily with the help of recruiting software.  


Who Uses Recruitment Software?

There are many professional bodies and individuals who use recruitment software. They are such as -

    • Human resource management

Online recruiting software is widely used by human resource departments in a wide range of businesses. It helps them easily identify the people who will fit the work profile best. It also assists them in weeding out those who lack the necessary skills and expertise through online screening tests.

    • Hiring Managers

Hiring managers are responsible for the company’s growth and staff expansion. They work together closely with the HR department to hire new recruits. Online recruitment software is used effectively by hiring managers to expand the company’s workforce.

    • Recruitment Agency

Recruitment agencies are external agencies that take responsibility for hiring suitable candidates for employers. They make use of online recruitment software to score through applicants and pick the best one for their employer. They may conduct reasoning ability tests or cognitive assessment tests to field the desired candidate.


Types of Recruiting Software

    • Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

The Applicant Tracking System analyzes various aspects of the hiring process. These components include resume screening, in which each applicant's résumé will be reviewed for eligibility. It also provides Assessments and interviews in which each candidate's score is recorded. Finally, the recruitment tracking system helps to ease background checks through background verification tools.

    • AI Video Interview Software

With AI Video interview software, the candidates can start with the initial screening at their convenience. The recruiting agency or hiring manager does not have to schedule the interview. The candidate will just answer the questions to the interview at a time convenient to them. The AI software can detect their strong points such as soft skills and other important traits as well as their weak points. The recruiters can make the final assessment with the top choices laid out for them by the software.

    • Candidate Assessment Tool

There are various kinds of tests that can help the recruiter understand the candidate better. The assessment tools included in the software could be such as multitasking test, typing test, cognitive ability test, aptitude test, general knowledge test and personality test among others.


Features of Online Recruitment Software

    • Online Test/Exam Platform

The online recruitment software provides platforms for online tests or exams to determine the best candidate for the position. The tests conducted through candidate assessment tools will identify the candidate's weaknesses and strengths and help the recruiter understand if they will be a good fit for the job.

    • Candidate Onboarding Platform

The onboarding process for newly recruited candidates is made easy with the online recruitment software. The necessary documentation and filling up of the required details of the new employee can be completed without any hassles. All the required information is automatically input into the system.

    • HRMS

The Human Resource Management Software helps manage payroll, leave approval, attendance tracking and performance reviews of employees. It proves highly useful in helping understand the progress of each employee starting from the day that they join.

    • User-friendly and intuitive interface

The Online recruitment software is user friendly and features an intuitive interface. It is an all in one solution to schedule interviews, find recruits and build social media as well as a digital presence.

    • Passive candidate management

The software not only manages active candidates but also passive candidates as well. This pertains to the candidates who are interested in the company but have not applied for the post yet. It also helps to attract candidates who have the qualifications required for the post.


Why Choose Online Recruitment Software for MeritTrac Services

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