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7 Things You Should Know About Online Remote Proctoring

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7 Things You Should Know About Online Remote Proctoring

Date: 15/12/2022 | Category: General

Introduction Online Remote Proctoring

Since the pandemic, multiple things have gone digital, whether it's your payment methods or school classes. The entire world is moving towards digitisation, and remote working has since become a trend, and even teachers have to opt for it. The education industry is one primary industry that has rapidly opted for digital ways of teaching, such as using remote proctoring software. With new ways arise new problems, such as the online examination issue, that most institutes and universities have; because it's more prone to students cheating in exams. To its aid, the Merittrac helps significantly. How? You should consider learning about online remote proctoring by reading the information below.


  1. AI Transformed Online Proctoring

Taking exams of numerous students with one proctor in place isn't a wise choice for a smooth examination; it generates the need to hire multiple proctors, which can cost a lot of money. So what to do? Get online proctoring software as they eliminate the need to hire many proctors as one is sufficient to remotely take the exams of numerous students at the same time while assuring better examinations for all students.

  1. Candidates Are Unable To Cheat During Proctored Online Exams.

Yes, you heard it right; even though there's been a lot of concern about students cheating in online examinations, it can be stopped. In remote proctoring exams with online proctoring software, students cannot cheat because of multiple anti-cheat mechanisms. Some of these mechanisms are browser tracking, activity tracking, audio and video tracing and much more.

  1. Remote Proctoring Stands Out In An E-Learning Space

Even e-learning platforms opt for online proctoring as it's much more reliable for providing students with online courses and fair examinations. Courses that are entirely online or hybrid benefits the most from the use of this software.

  1. Implications For Teaching And Learning?

Implementing online proctor software can influence the way students give examinations. However, mainly the complication in teaching and learning with the use of online proctor software is its implementation as students face technical difficulties, and its proctored has to be trained to conduct the online examination.

  1. Significance Of Online Remote Proctoring
  • Remove the need for travelling.
  • Make it possible for every student to study no matter where they are living,
  • Eliminate the need for a proctor
  • Students can’t cheat.


  1. Configuring Remote Proctoring For Online Tests

Remote proctoring softwares can be integrated with the existing learning platforms of the institutes. Otherwise, it comes integrated with a platform for institutes to use easily without any complication. With that integrated, you will get an exam creation and configuration option for taking online tests.

  1. Applications Of Online Remote Proctoring

Proctoring softwares can help check students' identities, monitor them during their examinations, and detect any suspicious activity. It prevents students from using browsers and ensures they are giving exams themselves.


How MeritTrac Helps In Online Remote Proctoring?

Level up your online teaching with Merittrac online remote proctoring. It helps by allowing institutes or other educational platforms to take any test online such as online aptitude tests, spoken English online test platforms etc. Ensuring cheating-free tests with Merittrac in use becomes significantly convenient as it enables proctors to know if anyone is cheating easily. From preventing students from cheating to detecting if they are cheating, Merittrac comes in significant help.



Adapting to revolutionising educational technology is always an excellent choice for providing students with a better way of teaching and learning. Remote proctoring exams using softwares is a great way of conducting online examinations. Still, want to know why? Proctoring software comes loaded with preventive tools to stop students from cheating in any manner while giving online tests.