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Driving Digital Marketing Success: Using Assessments to Hire Right-Fit Talent

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Driving Digital Marketing Success: Using Assessments to Hire Right-Fit Talent

Driving Digital Marketing Success: Using Assessments to Hire Right-Fit Talent

Date: 25/06/2018 | Posted by: MeritTrac | Category: Corporate , Pre-Employment Assessment

The usage of mobile, social and automation now permeates marketing functions across industries. What separates an average marketing effort from a great one in an increasingly digital world?  It is not only the ability to develop sustainable and comprehensive digital strategies but also the ability to build a digitally adept workforce – a critical benefactor to keeping pace with evolving customer demands.

But with 54%of Indian organizations labelling talent gap as a major hindrance to digital transformation, identifying and retaining top digital talent is a pressing challenge today. Done right, scientifically-designed assessments backed with experiential assessment platforms can help companies pinpoint candidates who are best suited to the job, the team as well as the company’s culture. They effectively measure candidate’s knowledge, character and even their drive to move the organization’s digital needle.

Using assessments in these three key areas can help organizations hire right-fit digital marketing talent:

#1 Measuring Personality Traits

Successful digital marketing specialists share some common traits: they are focused on customers, work well in high-stress environments, operate effectively in a team, and are responsive and agile to changing customer needs. Leveraging behavioural assessments makes it easy to gauge candidate’s motivation to manage projects on their own, and their ability to bring different perspectives to the marketing campaigns and flexibility to adapt to new practices. Finding new leads, building the brand and increasing conversion and sales are inherent performance goals of a digital marketing professional, and behavioural assessment helps organizations find candidates who have the passion to grow the business.

#2 Evaluating Marketing Expertise

Leading organizations such as American Express, L’Oreal and Starbucks are capturing the promise of chatbots, predictive analytics and augmented reality to deliver on digital marketing goals. Using domain assessments makes good sense when hiring marketing candidates with a specific set of technical skills. For instance, domain assessments help measure candidate’s SEO skills, Google Analytics and Adwords capabilities, social media marketing expertise and so on, leading to faster time-to-hire of best-fit technical talent.

#3 Providing Candidates with a Taste of Real Work

Simulating a real-world environment helps identify character attributes that a resume cannot convey. Assessments put candidates in a virtual work scenario where they work in a high-stress environment and perform job-specific functions, resulting in an accurate measure of on-job potential. For instance, companies can leverage shorter interactive simulations to assess certain personal traits or launch problem-solving competitions to identify technical talent.

The shortage of digital marketing talent has created a war for talent where companies have to compete for best talent with established and emerging players. In addition, the proliferation of tools and technologies across various digital marketing activities has created the need to build a sufficiently skilled workforce. Assessment solutions are the answer to dramatically reducing the time and cost related to hiring while providing reliable and objective data to predict candidate job performance and productivity. The result: right-fit hiring and enhanced returns from digital marketing investments.