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An Effective Way to Manage Voice Assessments and Oral Tests

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An Effective Way to Manage Voice Assessments and Oral Tests

Date: 06/02/2023 | Category: General

Voice assessment has become an integral part of acquiring candidates for job roles that require 90% verbal engagement. Historical assessments such as resumes and interviews are no longer the only way to assess potential employees - oral tests and voice assessments have been added to the selection criteria to adequately evaluate a person’s skill set for a given role.


But managing these tasks, more often than not, can end up being time-consuming if unorganised. Don’t worry – we have the perfect solution! In this blog post, we will take you through an effective way of managing voice assessments and oral tests that will make your life easier when recruiting candidates! Read on now to get started.


Effective Way to Manage Voice Assessments

Let’s explore some of the most effective ways to manage voice assessments.


Develop your speaking and pronunciation skills

If you want to ensure that your speaking and pronunciation skills are a strength in voice assessments, there are several steps you can take. To begin with, invest in actively listening to yourself during practice sessions and recognising when you make mistakes.


Then, use resources like books, audio recordings, or qualified teachers to learn how words should be pronounced in various contexts and understand why corrections need to be made.


Develop a neutral accent

When it comes to taking voice assessments and oral tests, developing a natural accent is essential. A well-composed accent is the perfect punctuation for an effective presentation - it provides clarity and makes communication smoother.


Display assurance

Speaking confidently is essential when taking a voice or oral test. It sets the standard that you are comfortable and prepared for the assessment and can make all the difference in your performance.

Urgency, clarity, intonation, and use of vocabulary - all build trust with your audience and further illustrate that you have a full grasp of the topic.



Taking voice assessments and oral tests can be intimidating, but being prepared beforehand is the key to success. Knowing what to expect will help you answer questions confidently and organise your thoughts for a seamless delivery.

Taking the time to practice out loud and rehearse with a colleague or friend can go a long way in helpinWwg you get comfortable with the material and sound natural when speaking.


Advantages of conducting voice assessments or oral tests in the online mode

Here are the advantages that you can expect from conducting online voice assessment tests or oral tests.


Enhanced Security

Voice assessments and oral tests can offer many benefits, especially regarding security. The way this online computer test is designed allows for enhanced security compared to other forms of assessment.


Increased Efficiency

One key benefit of using these testing methods is increased efficiency - employers can quickly access large amounts of data on candidates that would normally take much longer if they relied solely on traditional assessment methods such as written tests.


Greater Scalability

One of the greatest benefits of voice assessments and oral tests is the greater scalability they offer compared to paper-based testing. By embracing this new technology, larger organisations can now test applicants across multiple locations, often with very limited setup costs or operational requirements.


Why choose MeritTrac for voice assessments?

Voice assessment tests are a powerful tool for businesses to identify and develop the potential of their employees. Our tests provide employers with insight into the traits of their staff, allowing them to assess accurately which tasks would be most suitable for each individual.


This enables businesses to identify individuals' strengths and weaknesses, leading to greater productivity and improved performance in the workplace. Our voice assessment tests include a range of criteria that can help employers measure fluency, speed, accuracy, and clarity across several vocations and roles. Moreover, our tests help your team excel by providing you with an efficient way to tailor their skillset according to their personal abilities.



Voice assessments are an efficient way to manage oral tests and measure progress. They help identify areas of improvement, provide tangible feedback, and focus on the positive aspects of performance. When used correctly, voice assessments can be a valuable tool in the recruitment process.


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