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Extended Curriculum Program – A Boon for Institutions and Students

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Extended Curriculum Program – A Boon for Institutions and Students

Extended Curriculum Program – A Boon for Institutions and Students

Date: 27/08/2020 | Posted by: Aparna Ghosh | Category: Employability , Employability Skills , Education

Extended Curriculum Program (ECP) from MeritTrac is a students’ employability boosting program for colleges and universities. With a host of industry-ready programs in AI/ML, cloud computing, data analytics and sales effectiveness, the ECP aims to build a generation of future-ready graduates. Followings are some of the benefits of ECP for institutions and students:

Exponential benefit to your institution:

MeritTrac ECP helps your institution becomea pioneer in building the champions for new India!

Better corporate pull

Since the ECP focuses on imparting the most sought-after skills and preparing the industry-ready talent, the corporates will definitely consider the ECP partnered institutions as their trusted partners for getting the future workforce. The institutions can have a tie-up with these corporate companies for mutual benefits.

Better placement

The boosting of employability skills ensures increased students’ placement. As the major corporate companies invest more in the cutting-edge technologies, they face talent shortage in these areas. Therefore, these corporate organizations would wholeheartedly hire graduates with a built -in skill set in new technologies. ECP emphasizes and focuses on offering programs in the latest technologies required by the industry. MeritTrac ECP also offers students career assistance for acquiring jobs as a part of ECP.

Higher average salary

When the students are placed in top corporate companies with a high payout, the average salary of outgoing students from institutions would be higher. Moreover, the courses in most required areas would ensure a competitive salary being offered to the learners.

Better alumni base

The alumni are a greatest asset for any educational institution. Their status and role in top positions in some of the leading companies add to the glory of their institutions and helps in admissions as well. The graduates trained through ECP are expected to launch their career in top organizations.

Better accreditation

The accreditation is directly connected to the curriculum, the employability of the students, their placement and salary.

Immense value add for your institution students

MeritTrac ECP aims to create industry ready champions for new India! This is how it will help the students -

Add real value to their CV

The courses and the certificates offered under ECP are a real value addition for the students to grow in their career. A mention of the most in-demand skills in the curriculum vitae would help them to get hired in some of the top organizations. Since the certificates are from the reputed professional training institutions like Manipal and Jigsaw Academy, it has a great value in the industry.

Hands-on project experience to showcase

The ECP approach includes hands-on training in different areas through case studies, assignments and projects. By the time they finish the course, at least a project is completed, which they can showcase in their resume.

Industry interface

Opportunity for live interactions with industry leaders helps the students to get a deeper understanding of the industry and its operations. Many a times, the fresh graduates enter the industry without any knowledge or understanding, that creates several issues in their career. ECP tries to eliminate this issue.

Add-on certifications across tech and business skills

Skill is paramount in this VUCA world. Organizations are essentially looking for skills rather than qualifications. A certificate in the most sought-after tech or business skill would be a real gain for the students, especially from premier training institutions like Manipal and Jigsaw Academy.

Alumni status for a life-long learning

The graduates who will finish a course in ECP will get a special alumni status for life-long learning from Manipal. They will get to know about the latest courses and will be given a opportunity to enrol in the courses or programs offered by different branches. They will be connected with the wide-network of Manipal alumni giving them an opportunity to network and explore job opportunities.

Career guidance

Along with offering the employability skill development program, the ECP assists the students for career growth with special sessions for soft skill development, resume building and mock interview. Under MeritTrac ECP program students will be provided question banks to prepare for interviews and assessments, and distribute the CVs among placement agencies and hiring partners.

Hence, the extend curriculum program lead both the institutions and students to the path of excellence.