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Five reasons Why You Should Automate Your Campus Drive

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Five reasons Why You Should Automate Your Campus Drive

Date: 29/08/2022 | Category: General

Technology has a substantial role in the hiring process in today's world. Recruiting automation, a technology usually used by companies allows the automation of recruitment tasks and workflows. This process helps to escalate the recruiter's productivity while accelerating the time-to-fill process. Additionally, it reduces the cost-per-hire of the company.

Recruiting automation is one of the subsets of human capital management. It is a category of enterprise software that the company uses to manage the various aspects of its workforce. It enhances the overall recruitment profile of the company.


Why Automation is Necessary in Recruiting?

Companies need to consider automation in their recruitment process to stay ahead of the competition in the quest for new hires. Let us see how automation drives efficiency in the process.

  • Streamlines the Screening Efforts

The process of screening resumes manually can take a lot of time and effort. With the help of recruiting AI software, the company can be efficient in the virtual campus hiring process.

Recruiters can make efficacious use of analytics and transform them into actionable information. In a short period, the process can work wonders by improving the quality of hires.

  • Creates Talent Database

Facilitating knowledge retention is imperative for every hiring manager. With the help of recruiting software, managers can have a dedicated central database that stores valuable candidate-related information.

As the company opts for such a recruitment automation system, it can track the application status across different stages of the talent acquisition process. In return, the company can improve the overall organizational performance, and formulating actionable plans becomes easy and handy.

  • Makes the Process of Sourcing an Efficient One

Aggregating and sorting details from employee connections and social networking sites can make sourcing easy. It can be possible with the implementation of automation in the recruitment system.

  • Improve Candidate Experience

Aside from all benefits that recruitment automation offers to the organization, the candidates benefit a lot as well. It becomes easy and efficient to maintain contact with the candidate throughout the process. Transparent and prompt communication can help to nurture your relationship while leaving the candidate with the best impression of the company.

  • Results in Easy Evaluation of the Process

Deploying a technology-advanced automation solution can bring efficiency to the evaluation process. The HR professionals can access important recruitment metrics that can facilitate easy evaluation.


How does MeritTrac Recruiting Automation Process Work?

Using recruiting automation software helps to attract young talents.MeritTrac offers recruitment events software that helps companies conduct interview sessions.

They help companies with campus drives with the help of their mobile-friendly, easy-to-navigate, cognitive, communication, and technical assessment capabilities. Providing reports, analytics, and dashboards helps companies gain insights across benchmarking scores, performance, and many more.

For campus hiring, the company conducts various types of tests, including:

  • Microsoft word test
  • PHP online test
  • Business Development Executive
  • SQL MCQ online test.

With these, the hiring manager can review the best candidates without even visiting the campus. Besides, the online campus hiring software helps to automate time-sensitive parts of the screening process while increasing candidate visibility.

Campus recruitment solutions by MeritTrac have diverse benefits. If you want to hire top talents for your company, it is one of the excellent recruitment solutions. With the help of digital technology, you can schedule and conduct interviews using AI-enabled software.

Automating your campus drive would provide you with state-of-the-art solutions in the realm of hiring talents. Increase your productivity by incorporating an automated assessment system by MeritTrac. To know more about the process, contact them today.