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Guide to Hiring High-Potential Employees

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Guide to Hiring High-Potential Employees

Date: 14/07/2021 | Category: General


In today’s world, several new organizations set up a store or outlet every day. Many individuals pool money and resources into starting companies based on what they’re passionate about. However, this does not mean that they always succeed. Most companies fold during the first year itself as they cannot keep up with the operational costs. What many business owners forget is that it is their employees who are the backbone of the business.


Without suitable employees in an appropriate role, companies cannot succeed in such a competitive market. Even if companies have hundreds of employees, there would be no growth if employees are assigned to the wrong departments. It would be even more damaging if companies hire employees with inadequate skills. This is why in today’s world many companies ask candidates to take pre-employment assessment tests to ensure they are the right fit.


Employees need to mix well with others to ensure that the company functions smoothly. When employees feel motivated, they motivate others around them. A positive work environment is necessary for a business to flourish. Employees can make the environment positive and also require a positive environment to thrive in. Employees who share ideas and contribute towards employee engagement by teaching each other can boost a company’s growth exponentially.


What are High-Potential Employees?

Companies need to ensure that they are hiring employees who have the potential to grow and contribute to the business. This is where high-potential employees come into the picture. Performance reviews and employee performance evaluations can determine whether an individual is a high-potential employee or not.


High-potential employees clearly exhibit their wish to grow by taking on additional responsibilities. They also show leadership skills by making tough decisions and being team players. These individuals are vital to all organizations. They are hard to come by but can add great value to your business if and when you choose to hire them.


Characteristics of High-Potential Employees

  • Team players: They are able to mix well with others and listen attentively to other’s needs. Additionally, they are always on time.
  • Refined communication skills: They can convey their ideas to everyone and can stand up for themselves when the situation arises. They are also not afraid to be criticized and can take criticism in their stride.
  • Leadership skills: They perform well in leadership positions by taking up new projects and working with new hires.
  • Individuality: They possess skills and characteristics which make them stand out from others. They do not compare themselves to others and are not threatened by other employees who may be superior to them. When they can’t figure something out on their own, they are not ashamed to ask for help.
  • Eagerness: They are eager to learn new skills and are always enthusiastic about upcoming projects.
  • Skilled: In today’s day and age, it is essential for all employees to know how to work on a computer and other electronic devices. High-potential employees are quick to learn devices and are willing to study technological developments in their respective fields.


How Do You Identify High-Potentials?

It is up to the human resources department to identify and groom high-potential employees. HR departments do so by conducting employee performance evaluations and pre-employment assessments for candidates. The tests help HR in identifying high performers by engaging their critical thinking skills, communication skills, and leadership and teamwork abilities. Any negative feedback about the candidates is taken seriously into consideration and the highest scorers are then hired.


Assessment Tools to Measure High-Potential Employees

High-potential employees can be identified by using various tests. Psychometric tests for employees are quite common and help determine whether the candidate is right for the job. Additionally, during the hiring process, corporate employability assessment tests can help evaluate the candidate’s aptitude, technical and communication skills. Conducting practical tests and group discussions can also aid in the review process


Companies should also conduct employee evaluations for their existing employees on a monthly basis to identify high-potential employees. Business owners do not need to burden themselves with trivialities. Assessing high-potential employees can be a taxing task. Every company’s department of human resources should conduct these tests timely to ensure that employees are performing at their 100%.


MeritTrac Can Help in Identifying High-Potential Employees

If you are still stuck searching for high-potential employees, allow MeritTrac to aid you in the process. MeritTrac uses several tools and tests to determine the right candidates for your business. Identifying high-potentials is not as difficult as it used to be, thanks to the tools at our disposal. MeritTrac utilizes psychometric tests to determine candidates’ cognitive and behavioural abilities. Furthermore, the online assessment platform can also help identify which of your current employees are high-potentials by using workforce development assessments.


Finding the perfect employee seems difficult but MeritTrac makes it easier!