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Here’s Why Outcome Based Test Preps are Key to Success!

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Here’s Why Outcome Based Test Preps are Key to Success!

Date: 23/09/2019 | Posted by: MeritTrac | Category: Entrance Exams Preparation , Education

Do you feel entrance exam preps need better strategies? Are you looking for technology-based strategies to help your students improve their performance? 

Competitive entrance exams are considered a gateway to professional career. For students, clearing these competitive exams is crucial to get into a University of their choice and build a foundation for the career they want to pursue. This puts the onus on coaching institutes to deliver better results.

National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) for Admission in MBBS and BDS was taken by 15.19 Lakh students, an increase of 14.4% over last year.  Common Admission Test (CAT) for admission to IIMs and renowned B-Schools recorded 2.41 Lakh students appearing in 2018, highest in 10 years.

The trends are similar for all competitive exams for Indian students indicating an ever-rising competition.

Preparing for competitive entrance exams

Is entrance exam coaching going too fast for some students? Are we using the same yardstick to measure every student’s progress?

Taking specialized coaching classes to clear these exams is common in students. Many students also sign up for mock tests, interview preparation sessions and correspondence study material.

While these preparation strategies help in setting up a routine for studying and covering the overall subject topics, they are the same for every student regardless of his proficiency level, strengths and weaknesses. Here lies an untapped opportunity for test prep organisations to integrate technology and provide outcome-based preparation strategies.

Outcome Based Preparation – The future of exam preparation coaching

Outcome based preparation help students approach preparing for exams in a highly customized and personalized way. Using feedback on preparation and performance, students can focus on the subjects that need more attention and work out a learning speed that is best suited for them.

‘Outcome based preparation is targeted to each student’s strengths and weaknesses.’

Test prep organisations and coaching schools for entrance exams need to come up with better exam preparation strategies to boost their results.

3 Reasons why Outcome-based preps is the future of coaching

     1) Assessment focused content

Online outcome-based preps use advanced analytics to adapt learning to each student’s learning level for a personalized learning experience.

     2) Simulates real life test experience

It has been proven that creating a real-life test experience allows students to prepare more effectively for the exam day. Online Outcome based preps are capable of creating a real-life test experience as many competitive exams are conducted online these days.

     3) Instant Feedback

Online outcome-based preps provide instant feedback on performance. The feedback helps creating assessment focused content. Added features like Cloud based reporting provides student performance data and analytics to multiple tutors allowing better monitoring of the student’s progress. 

MeritTrac’s Test Prep - Outcome Based Test Preparation Solutions for Assured Success

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