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Here's why and How Online Proctoring Assessment will help your Organization

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Here's why and How Online Proctoring Assessment will help your Organization

Date: 09/05/2022 | Category: General

Online proctoring assessments are an easy way to conduct examinations. Online evaluations and assessments have become a popular choice due to their convenience. It helps candidates who are at a geographical disadvantage to get the same opportunity as those who are in close proximity to apply for the post. There are many other advantages such as easy management and transparency. It is important that proctoring is kept a priority when conducting the assessments. This helps to ensure that the test is not manipulated.


Online Proctored Exam Software: How do they work?

Online proctored exam software ensures that the evaluation is conducted in a free and fair manner. It is designed to analyze any mouse movements or changes in browsers that could be suspicious. Alerts and red flags are raised if the unfair activity is suspected. The software prepares a comprehensive report to make the job of the recruiter much simpler. Online proctored exam software provides a seemingly foolproof procedure for conducting online examinations. It ensures integrity and fairness in the conduct of the assessment.


Features of Online Proctoring Assessment

There are different types of online proctoring assessments. They are such as -

    • Live proctoring

In the live proctoring assessment, the proctor or recruiter conducts a live assessment of the candidate. Both the candidate and proctor are present on-screen throughout the examination. This kind of examination can be conducted for candidates in a remote geographical location. The recruiter can keep a close eye on the movement and actions of the candidate. If the proctor finds any suspicious activity, he/she can cancel the marks of the candidate or re-conduct the evaluation as per the rules. A strict vigil of live proctoring ensures little room for dishonesty on the part of the candidate.

    • Recorded proctoring

A recorded proctoring is ideal when the candidate and proctor have conflicting schedules or are at a geographical disadvantage. Through this process, the software records the entire evaluation for later viewing. This type of proctoring is cost-effective as one proctor can invigilate for several candidates. He can just look through the recorded videos one by one at a later time. The quality of the recordings is retained while the assessment can be conducted at a cost-effective and time-saving pace.

    • Automated proctoring

In the automated proctoring process, there is no physical proctor rather it is the software that takes on the role of the proctor. The software detects any movements including mouse movements. It also detects browser activity and monitors any change in browsers. A red flag is raised if any suspicious activity is detected. Automated proctoring provides little room for cheating. It is also cost-effective as the software itself can act as the proctor. At a later stage, the recruiter can scan through the recorded assessment to make the final decision.


Why Choose Online Proctoring Assessment Software in MeritTrac Services

MeritTrac Services provide software for online proctoring assessment that caters to different sectors including, government, corporate and educational institutions. It features platforms such as CodeTrac, Pariksha and SmartTest. These platforms are an all-in-one solution with options for test design, administration, proctoring and result in a generation. The platforms can be used in places with no internet. They are easy to set up and can easily integrate with external tools. Security and safety of documents are also assured with the online proctoring assessment software in MeritTrac services.



People who have never incorporated the automated assessment techniques might find it a little difficult for them to understand the mechanism and have a smooth flow. The automated assessment system has been incorporated by MeritTrac’s TalentNext, and the best is provided to the clients. You get complete assistance and constant monitoring from our team to ensure that the process happens organically and without hassles. Whether you are in the government corporate or educational sector, choose MeritTrac for a simpler solution.