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How to 10X Your Organizational Productivity with Psychometric Assessment? Part 2

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How to 10X Your Organizational Productivity

How to 10X Your Organizational Productivity with Psychometric Assessment? Part 2

Date: 26/12/2017 | Posted by: MeritTrac | Category: Corporate , Psychometric Assessment

At present, Indian organizations are fighting to keep attrition rates lowered and increasing the lifespan of their workforce. The importance of retaining employees has grown exponentially, with companies understanding that their long-term health is dependent on their strategies to retain top performers. With a rise in the number of people leaving their jobs owing to limited opportunities to progress at the workplace, it is now the management’s turn to sit up and take notice of trends that lead to a rise in their attrition rates year on year.

When we talk about retention, another interesting topic that crops up is Training & Development, an aspect that is often glanced over by HR professionals. Designing an effective program that combines personalized learning techniques with mobile-based platforms is quickly gaining popularity. With mobile learning accounting for 25% of all learning world over, corporate Training & Development needs to catch up with this trend so that employees think of employers as their growth partners.

So where do behavioral assessments fit in, you may wonder? Well, some of the most successful corporate learning programs are based on a holistic understanding of employee skill sets and timely identification of interests. They also assist in accurately gaining knowledge about skill gaps in the workforce and how this can be solved by initiating effective Training & Development programs.

Behavioral tests also have immense benefits when it comes to striking the right balance between an individual’s productivity and efficiency. Creating and maintaining a balance between aptitude and abilities is something that can hugely impact your businesses success. Since a major factor in this is the human element, measuring employee performance without sufficient data analysis would be highly detrimental. In this case, behavioral tests provide all the data HR professionals require to refine, change or improve job roles based on what the employee would be most suitable for.

Additionally, a person’s resume does not define how they would perform on the job and in a team in real time. Behaviorally, there are numerous factors that define what the best fit candidate for a particular role is, and by using assessment tests, companies can now predict how a particular candidate would react, engage and behave in different work based scenarios.

In today’s burgeoning global corporate landscape, the presence of a truly diverse workforce with ethnic, gender and religious diversity is considered crucial. Psychometric tests are the key to ensuring that companies effectively hire and create teams that are culturally rich, with people from different backgrounds, personalities, competencies and experiences, that come together to collaborate, innovate and work efficiently. It is also important to analyze test data to understand how people perceive and react to diversity, what their attitude towards people different to them is and how they would deal with situations where bias could potentially creep in. Organizations need to work towards promoting a culturally sensitive and aware workforce that embraces change, one that prides itself on judging output solely based on job performance and no other factors.

In terms of identifying and analyzing leadership qualities, especially in the case of lateral hires, assessments work to the organization’s profit by reducing the occurrences of hiring mistakes, increasing revenues and boosting morale within teams. Bench marking for lateral hires can be simplified using behavioral tests crafted especially to identify traits expected at managerial roles in organizations. Ensuring all of the above boils down to gaining access to meaningful data that can be analyzed to effectively recruit and retain the right talent. This is possible only by collaborating with a competitive and reliable scientific assessment partner, one that has the right set of tools, who can both design the tests, as well as provide accurate reports that will help improving your company’s productivity.

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