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How Behavioural Assessments Can Help You Find the Right ‘Players’ for Your Dream Team

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How Behavioural Assessments Can Help You Find the Right ‘Players’ for Your Dream Team

Date: 26/06/2019 | Posted by: MeritTrac | Category: Behavioural Assessment , Corporate

source: Mykhel

Getting the right squad is one of the most crucial factors for success, be it a corporate interview panel or ICC World Cup.

Over the years, recruiting the ‘right mix’ for a team has evolved with more focus on ‘complementing skills’ and collaboration.

 Supporting this trend, assessment parameters too have seen a radical change from testing for ‘skills’ to testing for ‘temperament’. From valuing ‘work experience’ to valuing ‘adaptability’, have indeed evolved exponentially over the years.

Drawing an analogy – ICC World Cup & Corporate

Turns out that picking a dream team for World Cup or your corporate firm may employ the a similar methodology.Both need to critically assess candidates based on their skills, temperament and leadership qualities. Both Corporate professionals and ICC World Cup Team players have set defined roles to be played within the team. Team India has been on a winning streak so far in the ICC World Cup. One of the reasons behind this performance is the strategic composition of the team. According to an interview with The Hindustan Times, Indian Coach Ravi Shastri shared “We are a flexible team. It’s horses for courses, we have got enough ammunition”. 

 The strategy to match set defined roles within a team with the players that exactly fit those roles using analytics is not a new concept in the corporate world.

According to Linkedin, corporate giants like Accenture and Citi-Group and many more Fortune 50 companies have employed behaviour assessment tools to qualitatively assess a candidate and form winning teams.

How to pick the right team by using behaviour assessment tools


Behaviour assessment tools equip you to evaluate a candidate on parameters like problem solving ability, teamwork, ingenuity, adaptability, perseverance, capacity to perform in a stressful situation etc.

Assessing these parameters is essential for building teams that work together as a cohesive unit with each playing a crucial role.  As Behavioural assessment is highly successful in understanding and predicting the candidate’s behaviour in different situations, forming a team based on such assessments can deliver a higher success rate.


“Close to 80% of Fortune 100 companies rely on personality tests to build stronger, more effective teams and healthier organizations.”   



And there are added benefits like these tests can not only aid in better recruitment decisions, they can substantially reduce the cost of attrition resulting out of wrong hires.

Behaviour assessment is equally valuable as a post recruitment tool too. It facilitates establishing efficient team structures with existing employees. It is useful for monitoring and carefully planning human resource migration and transfers within the firm.

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