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How Campus Hiring with Recruitment Technology Simplifies the Hiring Process

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How Campus Hiring with Recruitment Technology Simplifies the Hiring Process

Date: 18/10/2022 | Category: General

Campus drives include a lot of physical labor, such as finding talent, evaluations, and conducting interviews. As a result, the entire process takes a significant amount of time and money from the employees and the business. However, the companies where the campus drive is held are rarely coordinated, which increases the inaccuracies. As a result, this might occasionally result in the employment of worthy individuals or the loss of some excellent prospects, which eventually lowers the caliber of the company's staff. Campus recruitment software can help in this situation. It enables online applicant selection, evaluation, and hiring from college and university campuses, saves time, and raises hiring standards.


What is campus hiring software and what are its advantages?

Recruiters can streamline the college recruiting process by using campus recruitment software. Every year, businesses use campus hiring to find fresh, young talent for various positions inside the organization. Campus recruitment software streamlines the process and makes hiring simple.


The Advantages of online recruitment software:

  1. Fastens the process

Thanks to the automation options and other features that come with campus recruiting software, which also reduces the need for paperwork and manual involvement, the time it takes to perform activities will be substantially reduced.


  1. Saves time

Campus hiring entails mass recruiting, a large number of students, a tonne of information, and a condensed decision-making period. There is no space for error since a lot of information must be processed quickly. A campus recruiting software will be helpful in this situation. Since it processes a tonne of information rapidly, a lot of time might be saved!


  1. Cost-effective

It is a well-known fact that technology consistently lowers costs, frees up time, and uses less labor. The online recruiting programme would be advantageous to the campus because it would spare the time-consuming effort of processing so much data. In addition, the candidates would save money on travel costs since they would do the interview at home.


Ways to campus hiring recruitment technology

  1. Easily Automate and Schedule Campus Drive

Saving time is a benefit of automation. You can select candidates based on the requirements of the position, get in touch with them via email, assess them, and schedule interviews using one simple platform. The responsibilities of the campus recruiting team might be streamlined with the use of solutions like automatic interview scheduling in a virtual recruitment platform. It also provides greater efficacy, automation of administrative procedures, and flexibility.

Whether it's setting up interviews or sending out emails automatically, the automatic scheduling ensures that the procedure is ideal for all participants. With the use of this feature, campus recruitment software helps avoid applicant loss brought on by unnecessary calls and emails.


  1. Pre-hiring assessment

Recruiters can examine potential applicants from the talent pool with the use of a pre-hiring assessment tool. As a consequence, these tests rate applicants according to their abilities, expertise, etc. Applicants are invited for these exams, which involve testing, evaluating, and selecting candidates based on the findings in real time.

The procedure may be sped up, which is the first advantage of pre-hiring assessment. Second, it expedites the employment process by analyzing applicants' skills more thoroughly and quickly weeding out those who are qualified than any hiring manager or recruiter could. The recruiting manager's workload is also reduced.

Additionally, the software for campus hiring helps to replace manual methods by providing a more accurate image of a candidate's skills.


  1. Remote Proctoring

No one can contest the validity of the procedure or the objectivity of the evaluation thanks to the usage of online remote proctoring. A technologically-driven substitute for on-site exam invigilation that functions well in the new virtual world is offered by advanced remote proctoring systems.


  1. Video interviews

Companies can analyze and monitor candidates' performance more accurately with the use of video interviews. A lot of campus recruiting software facilitates the seamless execution of video interviews and aids in monitoring candidates' performance. You may monitor the performance of the applicants and find the best one by using such software. The use of video interviews has significantly reduced the cost of hiring for firms. Due to the fact that the interviews are conducted online, the applicants are spared the inconvenience of making such a long trip. Video interviews greatly decrease interview scheduling concerns and other hassles. They make scheduling the candidates for interviews much easier and more trustworthy for the interviewers.


  1. Measure the effectiveness

The learnability quotient gauges a candidate's aptitude and capacity to comprehend and absorb new information. You may identify people who have the potential to be top performers and future leaders by using learnability tests.


How MeritTrac Campus Hiring Software Works

MeritTrac for Corporations' campus recruitment strategy is a tried-and-true technique to get outstanding talent at a reasonable price. Campus recruiting is ineffective for traditional employment procedures, however online assessment systems can expedite testing and result processing without compromising the exam's quality. The employability quotient (EQ) exams, aptitude tests, exam software, and numerous assessments of cognitive capacity and behavioral attributes are all included in MeritTrac's assessment suites.

Companies may benefit from MeritTrac's campus intelligence across geographies. They employ mobile-friendly, simple-to-navigate/short exams, communication, technical and cognitive assessment capacity, remote proctoring, reporting, and dashboards, and they request analytics to acquire insights on campus and area performance, benchmarking scores, etc.

If you're looking to hire exceptional talent for entry-level positions, use of campus recruiting software is a fantastic alternative. Thanks to modern technologies, campus recruiting has gotten easier. Campus recruitment events could take place offline or online. The power of technological breakthroughs is used to interact with students and keep their interest during virtual campus recruiting activities. You can ask for pre-recorded video interviews, schedule interviews utilising tools with artificial intelligence (AI), and send email blasts.