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How Emotional Intelligence Tests Can Help You Hire the Right People

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How Emotional Intelligence Tests Can Help You Hire the Right People

Date: 10/04/2023 | Category: General

Are you in the process of hiring a new candidate for your organisation? It's important to make sure that whoever you hire will be not only qualified and capable but a great cultural fit. Identifying candidates who would excel within your team is challenging.

That's why so many companies are turning to online emotional intelligence assessment tests as part of the hiring process. These assessments can provide invaluable insight into how well someone might work with their peers, think under pressure, and manage their emotions, helping you choose the right person for the job.

In this blog post, we'll explore what these tests measure, tips on choosing an effective assessment tool, and ultimately how emotional intelligence testing can help you make better hires.


Hire the Right People through Emotional Intelligence Tests:

Here are some features you can expect from incorporating an emotional intelligence behavioral assessment  in your recruitment process.

Understanding emotions:

Emotional intelligence tests have become increasingly popular in the recruitment process as they help employers understand the emotional intelligence levels of job candidates. Emotional intelligence is the ability to recognise, understand, and manage our own emotions while also being able to recognise and understand the feelings of others.

By administering emotional intelligence tests, recruiters can better assess how well a candidate will perform in a particular role, how they handle stress and interpersonal relationships, and whether they are a good fit for the company culture. These tests can help recruiters identify candidates who have strong social skills, are empathetic, and are likely to be effective team players.

Level of maturity and responsibility:

Emotional intelligence tests are an invaluable tool for assessing employees' readiness for bigger roles and responsibilities. They provide valuable insight into an individual's reactions to various situations, giving employers a sense of the emotional maturity level required if they were to take on increased duties.

Recruiters can gauge the employees' ability to analyse different scenarios, manage their emotions, and understand how their behaviors can affect others. Businesses can make informed decisions about who is best suited for advanced leadership positions.

Examine how you react to stressful situations:

Emotional intelligence tests are designed to examine how individuals react to stressful situations. These tests can help recruiters to identify candidates who can remain calm and composed under pressure, and who can effectively manage their emotions in challenging situations.

Candidates who score well on these tests are often seen as more adaptable and resilient, which can make them valuable assets to organizations that operate in high-pressure environments.


How MeritTrac helps in Emotional Intelligence Tests?

Looking to hire top talent for your organization? Don't rely on resumes and interviews alone. With emotional intelligence tests from MeritTrac, you can gain deeper insights into a candidate's emotional maturity, social skills, and adaptability.

Our tests are scientifically designed to measure various aspects of emotional intelligence and provide reliable results. With MeritTrac’s tests, you can identify candidates who are better equipped to handle stress, communicate effectively, and work collaboratively.

This means better team dynamics, higher productivity, and a more positive work environment.



The complexity of human emotions and the significance of understanding them should not be underestimated in the context of leadership and taking on a managerial position that demands effective communication.

A competent emotional intelligence test can measure somebody’s cognitive abilities, adaptability, and problem-solving skills while indicating how they could fit into a pre-existing framework within the organization’s structure.

If you’re looking for an experienced company that understands the need for recruiting with intent, then contact us today and we can provide you with advanced emotional intelligence tests.