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How Process and Technology Can Help You Hire at Scale

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How Process and Technology Can Help You Hire at Scale

Date: 03/09/2019 | Posted by: MeritTrac | Category: Corporate , Mass Recruitment

Hiring at scale is a challenge for companies of all sizes. Start-ups go into recruitment frenzies when they receive funding. However, they find it challenging to find the right talent. This happens to the established companies as well. Corporates spend years putting together large projects, but when these projects come through and the pace of talent acquisition increases, HR teams are not equipped to deal with the same.  

Large organisations receive thousands of resumes on a regular basis. HR teams, however, do not have the resources to go through all of them. The best method to sift through these resumes is via the testing of candidates with assessments that are crafted specifically for the roles that need to be filled.

Five challenges you will encounter while hiring at scale

Below are the five hurdles that pop up when hiring at scale. Keeping these pointers in mind can help you streamline your hiring process effectively:

  • Creating content: Creating a testing method that finds the best candidates for your company is a challenge. It involves creating a question paper that is specially crafted for the roles that a business needs to fill.
  • Scheduling: Manually scheduling examination batches is inefficient, making hiring cumbersome when coordinating with thousands of candidates. When roles are open in a company, it introduces delays in growth and impacts business adversely.
  • Geographical barriers:  When candidates apply from across cities, right talent is often missed out on because the exam centres are not close to them.
  • Infrastructure: To make sure all centres have similar facilities, thereby ensuring fairness to all employees.
  • Quality of testing: It is imperative to make sure that candidates feel comfortable knowing that there is a standard quality of testing. Questions regarding the validity of the results can be asked after they’ve been declared.

Hiring at scale is tricky. It's not just that a company needs to find talent quickly, but it's also crucial that they do not lose out on potential candidates. This begins with the defining of the processes that are aided by technology. 

Sure-Fire Ways to Guarantee A Smooth Hiring Process

Here are some processes that can be employed to ensure a flawlessly conducted testing process:

  • Quality checks: Companies need to clearly define what they are looking for, in a candidate. This needs to be communicated across management, so when exams are being prepared, companies know what the candidates are being tested for.
  • Ensuring fairness through technology: Exam malpractice is a recurring problem in India. And therefore, companies can use an assessment platform to help them author, design, schedule, and deliver the said exams. Randomised question papers and shuffled answers and questions can be provided to the students to reduce the chances of copying. After completion, these exams can be uploaded on the cloud, hence removing any possibility of the results being tampered with.
  • Quality of infrastructure: When looking for testing centres for conducting exams, minimum infrastructural requirements need to be stipulated. Once a process has been established, companies can ensure parity by giving job applicants the same facilities across testing centres.
  • Efficacy: Technology can be used to deliver tests across cities and multiple centres at the same time. This increases the number of tests that can be taken per day.

Time to Upgrade 

When hiring at scale, companies need to bring in the right processes, technology, and people. MeritTrac is one such testing and assessment services company which can enable hiring at scale. At MeritTrac, we have assessed over 4.5 million candidates for various companies.

Recently, we solved a leading power and transmission company’s hiring woes by delivering 200,000 tests in 5 days. With our technology platform Pariksha we not only speeded up their testing and delivery process through online access, but also provided an infrastructural solution for testing by providing 93 well-equipped test centres throughout a state in India.

Final Thoughts

Hiring at scale is a challenge that needs to be tackled head-on. In a frantic rush to recruit, companies might try and circumvent these processes, but this only leads to confusion.

MeritTrac can help smoothen out this process and provide a well-thought-out testing experience that is aided by technology to ensure fairness. This helps organisations find the best talent, even when there are too many to choose from.