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How Test Prep Companies Can Increase Student Success Rates with Seamless Mock Test Delivery

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How Test Prep Companies Can Increase Student Success Rates with Seamless Mock Test Delivery

Date: 10/07/2018 | Posted by: MeritTrac | Category: Entrance Exams Preparation , Education

Intense student competition and a general decline in student pass rates in academic and career entrance tests is leading to the rapid growth of the test preparation market in India. The test prep market size is expected to grow at a robust CAGR of 16% during the period 2018-2022. The popularity of online test prep continues to grow across rural and urban India as more students and working professionals seek success in competitive exams – either for securing jobs or seats in higher education. Positions in banks, railways, state government as well as Indian Administrative Services are in high demand due to the job security and higher salaries they offer. Similarly, with the increase in middle-class incomes and parents’ aspirations of seeing their children placed in prestigious institutions, more parents are enrolling their wards in test preparation programs for examinations such as IIT-JEE, NEET, and CAT, in turn fuelling the rapid growth of India’s test prep market.

Currently, the test preparation market in India is highly crowded, with multiple test prep companies (large, mid-sized, and small) present either in the online or brick-and-mortar format or even both. Each has their distinct value proposition, driven by demand in their target geographies. Regardless of the size or popularity, the success of test prep companies is gauged by a single metric: the number of students who successfully crack the tests. However, performance in competitive examinations depends not only on the test takers’ subject matter knowledge but also their ability to effectively tackle the questions in a limited timeframe. This means administering regular mock tests for students is a critical activity that can enhance overall success rates.

Challenges faced by test prep companies

Typically, smaller brick and mortar test prep companies lack computer-based testing infrastructure. This hinders their ability to administer admission tests on a national level or conduct weekly and monthly tests to gauge student progress in a cost-effective, efficient, and standardised manner.

For larger companies, with an online presence, the challenges are slightly different. Driving higher student engagement and identifying new revenue streams using data analytics is a critical need. Even advanced edtech companies require sophisticated analytics engines, reporting tools, and supporting content services to continue to grow their market share. Typically, such companies engage multiple partners for testing, analytics and content. Such a fragmented service approach leads to siloed departments working in isolation, leading to systemic inefficiencies and higher costs.

So how can test prep companies approach online testing holistically to drive higher efficiencies, reduce costs, and increase revenue?

A nation-level testing services partner can help deliver standardized tests at scale

A reputed national-level online testing partner can provide test prep companies – both large and small – the capabilities needed to deliver standardized tests that closely mimic the actual tests. Such a partnership can also address headaches such as lack of testing centre availability, accessibility issues, or inability to confirm test bookings. By leveraging the extensive expertise of conducting large-scale online tests, online testing partners enable testing interfaces that deliver superior user experiences. What’s more, they provide consolidated content services and analytics capabilities for test prep companies to optimise their delivery of tests and target new revenue streams. In essence, partnering with a proven assessment services provider can help test prep companies further their mission of helping students crack standardized tests with high scores.

MeritTrac offers test prep companies a technology platform to deliver optimized and standardized tests at scale, with a unique project delivery-based approach. Our test prep services help students better prepare for real-world test-taking by immersing them in testing environments that are closely aligned with the actual testing environment. Our technology platform not only offers content support and high-level data analytics capabilities but also remote proctoring capability. In addition, test prep institutions gain from automated testing processes that drive higher efficiency and unified end-to-end test management. In addition, our app-based learning support enables today’s mobile test takers to prep for tests at a time and place convenient to them.

MeritTrac’s technology platform offers unparalleled reach and scale to support exam delivery in any part of India and abroad. The platform has delivered 20M+ computer-based tests across India, using 2.6 lakh regularly audited computer terminals across more than 350 cities.