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The Need for Students to Take Up Niche Courses to have an Edge

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The need for students to take up niche courses to have an edge

The Need for Students to Take Up Niche Courses to have an Edge

Date: 13/02/2018 | Posted by: MeritTrac | Category: Corporate , Employability

Have you ever wondered why a country that has been implementing a myriad number of employment schemes over the years, is still facing a problem with employment? This might appear as a puzzle in a country that prides itself in having the world’s largest employer, the Indian Railways. But, it’s actually something very fundamental.

India produces millions of engineers every year, of whom about 60 per cent failed to get a job last year, according to the All India Council for Technical Education. Those who are employed are either living on the edge in companies that always threaten to downsize every now and then, or are employed in a job that has no relation to their academic credentials. The primary issue here is the Bandwagon Effect, with people following a single career field though they lack the skills or the aptitude required for the particular stream. The skill factor has hampered many careers. Even when there are innumerable career choices, most sign up for one course leading to an excess supply of engineers. Currently, contrary to this, we find people breaking stereotypes by taking up niche courses.

So, stop being the guy who follows the herd. Gear yourself up for global exposure and start battening your skillsets.

Break the ice!

Don’t be afraid to go for the change. Sadly, many are still frightened to drift away from the straightjacket academic framework. However, with the increase in research-based academia, not all can survive the competitive grind. So, build your forte in the field of your interest. Take up scientific assessments to know what you are good at and what needs to be improved. Take the initiative to learn practical skills. Today, many are failing to get a job as they are not even acquainted with the basic numeric and logical and communication skills. So, try to acquire the skills at the earliest. Along with theoretical expertise, vocational excellence is of utmost significance to secure a job.

Opt for Online Courses

The mainstream education does not suffice for a holistic approach in acquiring knowledge. You need to acquire additional skills for which there are a number of avenues today. So, along with your education, sign up for any of the MOOCs — Massive Open Online Courses. It could really be helpful to develop skills as various universities across the globe provide online classes and tests to assess, and they are often free or are offered at very affordable prices.

Niche is the new cool

The problem arises when you take up a career that would serve only as a source of income, and not match your interests. So, follow your interests and don’t be a frustrated person suffering mid-life crisis fairly early due to dissatisfaction in a job. For instance, if you are interested in taking up blogging as a profession, then take up a niche course like SEO Optimisation which could be beneficial to get traffic to your blog.

Thus, make a move to do what you want to do and have a holistic approach. Take up things you want to do and don’t go with the flow and repent later. Keep assessing yourself to know where you have to update yourself to not be substandard in nature in the job market

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