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Online Aptitude Test: Best Ways to Find the Right Candidate for your Organisation

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Online Aptitude Test: Best Ways to Find the Right Candidate for your Organisation

Date: 16/11/2022 | Category: General

With the rising competition in the job market, even a single vacancy attracts a large number of applications.The process of finding an excellent candidate becomes challenging and time-consuming.

Taking the help of an applicant tracking system or online aptitude test can help the organization find the right candidate. By measuring personal attributes and specific skills, these tests help to screen higher high-caliber candidates.

Ways to Find the Right Candidate for your Organization

One of the advantages of the aptitude test for placement is that it invalidates the basis of recruitment. The process helps the recruiter focus on the job-specific traits of the applicant. One can categorize these popular aptitude tests for placements  as:

  • Numerical Reasoning Test

This test measures the analytical ability of the candidate. Whether the candidate can interpret and execute the task involving numerical data gets verified by a numerical reasoning test. The test questions help to access the knowledge of data and analysis, percentage, conversion, currency, and other logical mathematics of the candidate.

  • Verbal Reasoning Test

Candidates who opt for management and administrative rules can take the verbal reasoning test. It measures the ability of the candidate to think and interpret both spoken and written information in a particular language. Usage of job-specific vocabulary and correct grammar also gets measured in such tests.

  • Logical Reasoning Test

Positions that require the usage of non-verbal skills can hire candidates through the logical reasoning test. It aims to evaluate the mental ability, problem-solving abilities, logical reasoning, and competency of the candidate. Such employability skill tests help the organization find the right fit for them.

  • Spatial Aptitude Test

An organization having a position in technical and scientific fields can recruit their candidate through partial aptitude tests. Besides, the online coding test platform measures partial visualization ability, including transforming, mental generating, and manipulating figures or shapes. Furthermore, candidates displaying strong spatial abilities are best fit for positions in computer science, physical science, math, and engineering.

  • Quantitative Aptitude Test

Irrespective of the field, organizations can use the quantitative aptitude test to select candidates for their organization. The test assesses the problem-solving skills and numerical abilities of the candidate to ascertain their proficiency in quantitative analysis.

Why is the Aptitude Test Important for Hiring?

A general aptitude test could be the best way to reach the candidate's abilities, skills, and potential. The test efficiently tests the ability to handle and react to situations and perform tasks at work. Nowadays, employers recruit employees through aptitude tests along with an interview.

Some of the reasons to acknowledge this process include:

  • Compare the candidate and find the suitable one.
  • Efficient and time-saving process.
  • The tests are highly integrated and help employers to select candidates based on assessment results.
  • Test offers an excellent way to go for initial screening.
  • Cost-effective method.
  • Instance availability of results.
  • One can take the exams at home or the recruitment agency at your convenience.

How does MeritTrac Work for Online Aptitude Test

MeritTrac has an online testing platform for aptitude tests. The Pariksha online examination software and the smart test online talent assessment software deliver a vast range of aptitude test delivery and assessments. You can also take the help of a spoken English online test platform to screen and shortlist candidates through automated aptitude tests.

The availability of smart features and online access accelerates the assessment delivery process. The test helps to screen more than one candidate at a given time. Besides, the reporting and analytics feature results in quick report generation and result tabulation.


During mass hiring, you can rely on MeritTrac for online aptitude tests. It will provide the employer with insights into the specific capabilities of the candidate that can get unnoticed with rounds of personal interviews.