Personality vs Behaviour: Which is the More Favourable Metric While Hiring?

Personality vs Behaviour: Which is the More Favourable Metric While Hiring?

Personality vs Behaviour: Which is the More Favourable Metric While Hiring?

Date: 15/4/2019 | Posted by: MeritTrac | Category: General

Successful CEOs know how to build a team that performs in every situation. They hand pick each member based on individual personality traits. A strong and successful team has individuals with personalities that complement each other.

But what makes a personality and how our personal traits matter at work place? Can our personalities govern our behaviour too? Which is a more accurate metric for recruiters? Let’s find out.

What is a personality?

Personality is a person’s distinct and enduring way of thinking, acting and feeling. You can expect them to react in a certain way. Many scientific theories have modelled our personality traits into different types. The Myers-Briggs type indicator identifies people into 16 different personalities. A more comprehensive model called Big Five Personality Model proposes that our personalities are made of 5 basic dimensions. They are openness to experience, conscientiousness, extroversion, agreeableness and emotional stability.

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Why personality is an important metric for hiring?

It’s easy to see how the Big Five Personality Models allow recruiters to choose the right personality mix for the given role. For example, a candidate with high extroversion (social skills) and emotional stability is best suited for customer relationship roles.

How personality is related to behaviour?

Our behavioural response to a certain situation or a series of situations is governed by our personality. How we behave is also influenced by environmental factors like the social setup we are in.

'Personality is what we are, and behaviour is what we do'.

As the collective organisational behaviour depends on how each team member behaves, screening the candidates for their personality is crucial.

Personality Vs Behaviour – Which one to choose

It is easier to change and modify one’s behaviour compared to changing the personality which remains consistent. This is a strong reason for recruiters to choose personality over behaviour while screening candidates. Screen for personality helps recruiters make more accurate predictions about how a candidate will act in a given situation.

A study done by Academy of Management Journal in 2015 showed how personality traits accurately predict job performance in unstructured environment, establishing the need for personality assessment.

Tools for assessing personality

Leading companies like JP Morgan, Hewlett Packard, Citi-Group, Practo, etc. employ psychometric tests to assess the personality of a candidate. Psychometric tests can not only aid in better recruitment decisions, they can substantially reduce the cost of attrition or wrong hire.

Different types of personality tools include Generic Personality Questionnaire and Chat Proficiency Analyzer, both inspired by Big 5 personality factor theory, Dimension 8 inspired by 16 personality factor theory and Leadership Styles Questionnaire based on Blake Mouton Managerial Grid Model.

Behaviour assessment tools for post recruitment employee development is of crucial value for companies and can be inserted at entry, mid and leadership corporate levels.

The format and scientific outset of this test can also weed out fake and duped candidatures.

Create your winning team

MeritTrac’s suite of behavioral and personality assessments help organizations evaluate employees on various factors such as workplace thinking style, willingness to learn, leadership capabilities, generic personality, sales situational personality, and customer service orientation.

The suite has delivered over 3 million assessments delivered to date to 400 clients across the world. Assessment platforms such as Pariksha and SmartTest are enabling companies to deploy assessments with high validity and reliability scores to identify the right-fit candidates. MeritTrac empowers companies to create the right hiring strategy to transform their workforce with its many assessment products and solutions.