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Relevance of Behavioural Assessment in Today's Competitive Corporate World

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Relevance of Behavioural Assessment in Today's Competitive Corporate World

Date: 28/09/2021 | Category: General


Today corporates around the world have raised the bar for candidates in the selection process. They are following behavioral assessment tests to test the abilities of the candidates. Because it enables companies to unearth candidate's real strengths, weaknesses, preferences and other soft skills hence have become the prime reason to include this behavioral test in the screening program.

· Various different measures and tools to make the selection process as robust and they are

Some of the tools which make the selection process robust are mentioned below:

1. Structured Interviews

Generally in a structured interview, the applicants are tested on their behavioural skills by giving them a situation that they would encounter on the job and then test how they would behave in those situations.

2. Case studies

Case studies are one of the best ways to select the candidates as they would help to analyse the candidate's strengths, weaknesses and other aspects of the candidate.

3. Group discussions

Group discussions are the best way to analyse the confidence of the candidate and it also unearths the candidate's listening ability.

4. Assessment centres

These are the best place where the knowledge, skill and ability of the candidate are assessed by the organisation. These centres also prepare the candidate for the corporate world.

5. Behavioural Assessments

This tool is designed to observe, understand, explain and predict a candidate's behaviour.

· What is Behavioural Assessment?

Behavioural tests are the types of assessments that are typically used by corporate companies in their hiring process. This will help in understanding the behaviour of the candidate in terms of their strengths and weakness, it also helps in understanding whether the candidate is suitable for their organisation.

· Some typical Behavioural assessment

1. Personality assessment

This is a tool used for assessing the human personality. These tests are typically designed to measure the characteristic patterns of traits that people tend to exhibit across the various situation.

2. Cognitive assessment

This assessment includes thinking, memory, language and judgement and the ability to learn new things.

3. Skill assessment

These are the tests designed to help employers which helps in evaluating the skills of their employees and job candidates.

4. Values/ Motivation assessment

It helps in understanding whether the particular role is suitable for the candidate.

· Relevance in today's competitive world

1. Speed and Efficiency

Psychometric assessment is a good way to get more results from their employees, these are the tests that can be done online and the time frame ranges up to 10 mins.

2. Objective assessment

Based on the individual's response to the test items, the results can be obtained easily rather than subjective impressions or evaluations formed by interviewers.

3. Developed by experts

These tests are developed after thorough research and are done by professionals and hence results are promising.

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It is important to know what kind of people are entering the company in order for the company to grow vertically. And these tools will enable you in assessing the candidate and choosing the right one.