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Restart your Hiring with MeritTrac's #BackOnTrac Assessments

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Restart your Hiring with MeritTrac's #BackOnTrac Assessments

Date: 12/11/2020 | Posted by: MeritTrac Services | Category: Assessment , Corporate , Employee Assessment , Hiring , Personality Assessment

MeritTrac Services has launched #BackOnTrac, an assessment package to help companies improve their recruitment effectiveness as they resume their hiring plans in full swing this Diwali.  

#BackOnTrac aims at enabling organisations of any size to hire the right candidate. As MeritTrac celebrates its 20th anniversary, this launch is an effort to make assessments affordable for start-ups and small & medium enterprises (SMEs) by offering a massive discount of almost 80% this Diwali.

#BackOnTrac is a package of 20 assessments that covers ten psychometric and ten cognitive assessments.

The cognitive assessments help an organisation determine an individual’s general thinking and reasoning abilities, also known as intellectual functioning or IQ. On the other hand, psychometric assessments measure a candidate’s emotional stability, agreeableness, extraversion, openness to experience and conscientiousness. The combination of these two assessments will test candidates on their ability to perform their roles as well as their cultural fit within the organisation.

With a global footprint, MeritTrac has completed around 50 million corporate assessments in the past two decades. MeritTrac’s technology-driven end-to-end assessment solutions for recruitment are scientifically designed to help businesses assess large volumes of candidates, optimize hiring, reduce costs and achieve an improved quality of new hires. #BackOnTrac leverages MeritTrac’s experience in working with some of the leading conglomerates for extensive corporate recruitments.

The pandemic has disrupted the business ecosystem and there has been a significant rise in the dependence on online resources for remote hiring. MeritTrac’s services are aligned with the growing demand for innovative hiring and assessment tools in the present environment. BackOnTrac is ideal for start-ups and SMEs looking to start recruitments as the economy is slowly recovering.

#BackOnTrac is a ‘plug and play’ option that organisations can utilise at an affordable price of Rs. 2020 and include easily in their hiring process. The assessments are available on a self-service platform with access to diagnostic reports and dashboards. Normally priced in the range of INR 15-20K, these tests are being made available only for INR 2020 as a Diwali special. It is a great opportunity for organisations to implement these assessments in their hiring and performance management processes to identify high performing candidates and check the efficacy of the tests for long-term organisational benefits.

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