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Secure Your Online Examination With These 6 Steps In 2022

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Secure Your Online Examination With These 6 Steps In 2022

Date: 03/02/2022 | Category: General

The online examination process expresses the convenience of the system. Conducting the examination by taking the help of such technology could be easy. But it also involves various risks. Especially those administering or monitoring should be careful about the hackers who look for sensitive data. This article contains 6 ways to secure the online examination process in 2022.

Challenges Of Online Examination

Before you dig into the challenges in the online examination process, you must know that technology has found the solution for most of these challenges. Apart from that, challenges involved with online examinations include:

  • Location Constraint

With online examinations, the candidate has the freedom to appear in the examination from any part of the world. Whether they want to sit for the examination from the location or any remote location, it is completely their choice. If the online examination is insecure, it offers the candidate the help of an external source while they are writing their examination.

Freedom To Browse The Web And Copy

The option of having an online examination is more or less like an invitation for an open book examination. The candidate would choose to copy down the answer content from the internet and write it. Basically, it is like open ground where the candidate can attempt malpractices or cheat while writing their examination. But using an effective and advanced examination management system, the examinations are strictly monitored and secure.

Secure Your Exams With These 6 Methods

Check for these 6 ways to secure the process of online examination while indulging in the best online exam software.

  • Video Proctoring

It is one of the greatest advantages that online examination offers. Even if you are sitting in any remote location, you would still answer your examination. With video proctoring, you can decrease the malpractices during the online examination.

  • Image Proctoring

The use of the web camera during your online examination minimizes the malpractices within the exam management system. Especially if students are appearing for examinations from a location where they do not have a stable internet connection, they will benefit from image proctoring. The image captures a set of images based on the duration of the examination. If the candidate attempts any suspicious activity, then it would get captured in the form of images.

  • Face Recognition

Face recognition started with the mobile phone unlocking features. It has changed the perception of mankind. One can easily share the image or video only to have a prominent solution for erasing the malpractices during the online examination.

  • Audio Proctoring

This particular feature helps to record the slightest deviation that takes place in the sound waves. Especially when the candidate is giving their examination, these deviations are analyzed only to identify the occurrence of any malpractices.

  • Secure Browser

With the help of this particular mechanism, one can get a notification if the candidate opens any new window other than the exam window. Once the examination is going on, the candidates will not open any other window apart from the exam window. If they do so, the examiner would immediately get a notification about the same.

  • Audit Logging

This powerful feature helps to keep track of the user's activity appearing for the examination. One can choose any candidate to see their activity during the login duration. This allows the admin to understand the exam activity of the candidate.

Bottom Line

Be it cognitive assessment test or academic examinations a secure online platform is the best method to simplify the entire examination process, help prevent cheating and misuse of the technology.

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