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Steps to move from Paper-Based Test to Computer-Based Test

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Steps to move from Paper-Based Test to Computer-Based Test

Date: 21/07/2022 | Posted by: MeritTrac | Category: Assessment

The world has moved from paper and pens to the digital world and so has the world of education. Even though in schools, the children are first taught to form the alphabets on notebooks, once they reach college, most of the assignments and tests are conducted on the digital platform.

Since the computer-based tests (CBT) have many advantages, JEE Mains, BITSAT and CAT exams also have shifted their mode of exam to computer-based exams.

Benefits of Computer-Based Test

  • Large-Scale Test Delivery- For large scale examinations like entrance exams for engineering and medical colleges, to fill up positions in public and private sectors, CBTs are very effective. They do not take hours as the candidates can write their exams simultaneously from any part of the world and their results will be ready instantly.
  • Immediate Evaluation- For PBTs, a teacher or instructor has to manually evaluate the answer papers. However, for CBTs, the responses will be fed into the system and the evaluation can happen at the click of a button.
  • System of Grading- Since the results can be handed over immediately, the teachers can get an idea about the areas where the students need help and they can coach them accordingly.
  • Time is saved- Since the teachers need not evaluate the papers manually, they can save a lot of time which they can utilize in taking extra sessions for the students or employees.
  • Enhances Security- CBTS have evolved over a period of time and now there are multiple security and proctoring features available to ensure that they are conducted with full integrity.


What are the Steps to move from PBT to CBT

  • Consider making the switch from PBT to CBT- Post the COVID 19 pandemic, most organizations which even depended on paper-based tests (PBTs) are now forced to move to CBTs. The organizations which adopted CBTs, however the employees took them in the office premises had to look for options for them to take them remotely from their homes. Since the world is moving towards a hybrid mode of working, all the organizations have to move to that direction now.
  • Conduct extensive research- The organizations which are planning to move towards CBT, should take inputs from the organizations which have moved towards that direction. One of the major challenges of giving remote access to employees is the question of authenticity. Now most of the tools are in-built with features like capturing the pictures of the employee while he/she is writing the test randomly. If there is no screen activity for more than 10 seconds, normally the tests are nullified.
  • Create a well-defined project- When making the move from PBT to CBT; you will need a comprehensive project plan that defines the roles and responsibilities of the people who will work on this plan, which programs will be moved to the CBT model first and the timeline and detailed list of tasks to be performed. If you have a proper project plan, this process will be quite seamless.
  • Review and make changes as necessary- Involve your entire organization in this process of change as people normally do not like change. Communicate with them directly and make changes as per the requirements of your employees. Take their suggestions as they are the ones who will be impacted with this change.


Why to Choose Computer Based Test for MeritTrac Services

Since MeritTrac provides services to corporations for hiring the right kind of talent, the tests are conducted online. It is transparent to conduct CBTs for employees and it is much easier to share the scores with the clients.

Some companies want MeritTrac to conduct CBTs even for existing employees for various disciplines like online coding tests, online cognitive assessments etc. and they can be easily covered digitally.


Even though there are challenges in migrating blue collar assessments to CBTs, they are gaining momentum Digital readiness assessments can be conducted online and MeritTrac will help your organization with that. Many technical assessments like SQL server interview questions too can be digitized and MeritTrac is a pioneer in that field.

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