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TalentNext: A Hassle-Free Solution To Hire/Recruit Candidates With The Help Of Online Assessment Software

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TalentNext: A Hassle-Free Solution To Hire/Recruit Candidates With The Help Of Online Assessment Software

Date: 04/04/2022 | Posted by: MeritTrac | Category: Online Examination

With the current crisis, the mode of taking an examination is shifting towards the online method. Various colleges, universities, and even competitive examinations institutions use online proctoring software to administer exams. It is a process that facilitates the administration of the online examination.

How Is Online Assessment Software Helpful For Hiring

Any paper-based examination could take a lot of assessment time and even cost. In this picture, the practicality of online exam software is the topmost. Especially choosing MeritTrac's Pariksha helps one seamlessly design, author, schedule, and deliver different behavioral and cognitive assessment tests online. Check out how online software for the examination can help organizations hire the right candidate.

The Provision Of Remote Invigilation

Providing the option of remote assessment delivery and proctoring, one can have the provision of taking an examination from any geographical reach.

Unified Assessment System

Using this exam software online helps to deliver behavioral and cognitive assessments by integrating the capabilities with the external software. Also, the provision of an on-screen marking solution adds up to the list of advantages.

Adaptive And Cloud-Ready

The software comes with diverse adaptive testing features. Due to this, you can deploy it using the cloud, hybrid models, or even on-premise.

Choose A Multi-Platform

If you choose Merittrac’s TalentNext online assessment software, you need not worry about running the software. It supports almost every platform, including Linux and Windows. The best part is you can have a safe and secure examination.

What Matters When Choosing An Online Assessment Software?


With the faster upsurge of examination-taking devices, including your mobile phone, one has the chance of taking an online exam from anywhere. At the same time, the exam software online should be compatible enough to run on your device. It would streamline the total procedure and make it easy and well function for the applicant to take the examination without any tension.


As you choose Pariksha, you can log in to the online examination using your username and password. It helps the candidates to take the examination without leaking their credentials or personal details.

Automated Result Outcomes

The ability to produce real-time reports makes it convenient for the exam taker and the hiring institution to know about the outcomes as early as possible. When choosing the online examination software, it is important to estimate the method of representation. The multimedia presentation happens to be appealing to the user. Hence choosing the online examination software that offers multimedia-based dashboard reports could be of greater advantage than any counterparts.

Apart from that, the automated evaluation process helps decrease the biases while evaluating the answer scripts.

Less Time Consuming

As the online assessment software would organize the whole system online, there would be a proper surveillance method. It would also take less time to conduct the examination as you do not have to wait for a nod for the different steps of the examination.

View The Candidate's Activities

With the help of the online screening test, you can actually learn about the candidates' activity throughout the whole process of examination.


As you choose the MeritTrac online examination software solution, you would definitely receive the assessment solution that enables the client to test the candidates in the domain of behavioral, cognitive, and communication skills.

The end-to-end assessment solution offers a scientific design that aids the institution in assessing a large volume of candidates at a reduced cost. At the same time, the candidates can take the examination from anywhere on any device at any time. It can optimize the process of hiring while enhancing the quality of hire. Click here to know more about TalentNext

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