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Tips for Choosing the Excellent Online Examination Software

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Tips for Choosing the Excellent Online Examination Software

Date: 05/10/2021 | Category: General

Gone are the days when it was necessary to visit a physical centre in order to appear for an exam. With the advent of a host of intuitive digital examination platforms, one can now sit for a test from the comfort of their homes. Almost every academic institution has been conducting online examinations in Covid-19 times. Hence, the need of the hour is to leverage the best online exam software

An online examination platform makes it hassle-free for schools, colleges, universities and even companies to offer assessments online. The entire exam-giving and taking procedures take place virtually when an examiner utilises online test software. Primarily to thoroughly assess examinees’ knowledge and skills, most educational institutions and employers use the online examination system.


The Features and Advantages of Online Exam Software 

The unique and salient features of a top standard online exam platform mainly compel institutes to conduct tests online. Let’s check out the noteworthy features of an online test platform.

  • Hassle-free creation of the test on the online platform
  • The flexibility aspect helps examiners determine the most suitable grading and marking scheme.
  • The best exam software online facilitates institutions and corporates to schedule tests seamlessly with custom calendar invites.
  • A robust online examination platform is highly scalable, making it easy to conduct a large-scale test smoothly.
  • Instrumental in seamless slotting of candidates
  • The grading systems are fully automated.

The majority of administrators and exam controllers agree that an online exam tool remarkably helps in offering a scalable and smooth examination experience. Aside from the aforementioned ones, the best test software also boasts anti-cheating features. Therefore, it is safe to conduct CBT exams online.


Here are some of the prominent advantages that one can reap when they use the best online examination tool.

  • It is immune to all kinds of man-made and natural turbulences
  • Offers unmatched flexibility to both examiners and test-takers
  • Features robust mechanisms that restrict one from cheating during online examinations
  • Provides a hassle-free exam conducting and taking experience, besides saving money and time
  • Enables test takers to take pictures of answer sheets and upload the same for evaluation


The Procedure of Assessing Answer Sheets

The best online examination software makes the process of evaluating answer sheets easier for examiners. The online evaluation process is pretty similar to the offline method, regardless of the exam type and answers that examinees write on sheets. 

  • A hassle-free and super quick assessment of digital copies of answer sheets
  • Examiners don't need to physically manage answer sheets after the completion of a computer based test onlineThere are least chances of manipulation as a well-designed online test platform remains airtight.
  • Acquiring updates in real-time on the process of assessing answer sheets is possible as most digital exam tools come with intuitive and automated dashboards.


Result Declaration Process

Administrators find it easier to declare results when they make optimum use of the most reliable online testing software

  • It is possible to quickly let examinees know how they fared in the exam by leveraging an online test system.
  • A cost-effective online exam tool brings down the probability of errors. Online computer test results are computed automatically. 
  • All confidential information such as test takers’ data and test results stays safe on secured cloud servers. An online exam platform ensures utmost security and privacy to sensitive information.
  • Using an online test system helps examiners quickly inform each test taker of their CBT online exam results. Such a productive digital tool also plays an instrumental role in expediting the re-evaluation process.


Why Choose MeritTrac for Online Exam Software?

Those who use MeritTrac’s online testing tool know well how hassle-free it is to secure and speed up an assessment delivery. The feature-rich Pariksha software allows a large number of candidates to appear for an online CBT test from remote locations and automatically analyses test takers’ responses. This helpful system offers speedier test results and minimises bias-based assessment and decision making. The software is compatible with Linux and Windows platforms for highly secure examination browsing.



Keep in mind that to conduct an online computer test hassle-free and seamlessly, getting hold of online exam application software with a user-friendly interface and built-in proctoring features is vital. Invest in MeritTrac’s Pariksha assessment software to reap a myriad of advantages while you schedule, conduct and evaluate an online examination and declare results.