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Top Features of Online Question Paper Generator Software

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Top Features of Online Question Paper Generator Software

Date: 16/11/2022 | Category: General

Top Features of Online Question Paper Generator Software

With the evolution of time, the pattern and process of question paper creation are also evolving. The emergence of online question paper generator software has ended the time-consuming and monotonous manual process.

The online exam software generates question papers on various topics in just a matter of minutes. The process efficiently generates question papers without consuming resources and time. Nowadays, a large number of universities, colleges, and schools are opting for online question paper generators that handle every type of question structure, including descriptive questions, multiple choice questions, graphs, and even diagrams.

Top Features of Online Question Paper Generator Software

To improve the exam system, the question paper generator software can help the organization in these ways:

  • Personal Bias-Free:

Sometimes the intimation of the paper setter towards a particular topic or subject results in a repetition of questions over the years. But the online examination software is a machine-based method. It randomly selects questions that make it free from personal bias. Hence it covers the different aspects of the subject while avoiding repetitions.

  • Stops Question Paper Leakage:

Manually preparing question papers, especially for employability skills tests, often leads to the leakage of papers. But the online generators prepare and deliver the question online without eliminating any third-party intervention. The candidate can only get access to the question paper with the help of a password for a specific span and on a particular date.

  • Remote control is Made Easier by:

All the people involved in the making of the question paper can remotely function in its creation process. They can conduct their role virtually. Moreover, the administrators can monitor the entire process while keeping a track of the activities using the software.

  • Allows for any Type of Question:

You can make any type of question, including multiple choice question or subjective question bank, with the help of a question generator.

  • Creating Paper by Hand or Automatically:

If you tend to use the online coding test platform, you can take the help of an online question generator, it is the process of preparing questions while streamlining the entire examination process

  • Set up Tests in a Set:

This software helps to encrypt the questions in question banks. One can access the encrypted papers just a few hours before the examination.

  • The Making of Error-Free Papers:

One can get error-free papers that prevent the inclusion of out-of-context and syllabus questions.

  • Saves Money:

The organization can reduce the cost related to printing, logistics, or paying remuneration to the staff. The educational institution can utilise the saved time and money to improve the examination system.

How MeritTrac Helps in Online Question Paper Generation

Question paper, being one of the crucial components of any examination, requires a lot of time and effort in its creation process. But Merittrac's JIT-QP is a solution to all the question paper-related worries. They have innovative technology that can curb the malpractices related to question paper leaks or biases. Some of the salient features of JIT-QP include:

  • Making question papers in secured facilities
  • Question bank managers create multiple versions and sets of papers
  • The people encrypted in the question pack
  • The data has restricted access

Whether you are using a spoken English online test platform or any other online examination, you will get the question paper a few hours before the examination. You require a password to unlock the paper.

Bottom Line

MeritTrac helps to eliminate the complexities of making question papers by introducing the best features of online question paper generators. It can develop questions on its own while making the examination quick, safe, and secure for everyone.