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Types Of Online Proctoring Services And What They Offer To The Corporate Sector

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Types Of Online Proctoring Services And What They Offer To The Corporate Sector

Date: 31/08/2021 | Category: General

The Covid-19 pandemic has led the world as we know it astray and one of the things that have gained mileage because of it is online proctoring. Today, both corporate companies and educators are using online proctoring services to increase flexibility and make sure that assessments are done virtually. Security and convenience are also things that make this mode of proctoring popular.


Online proctoring: What Is it?

Online proctoring involves ensuring that the test-taker is who they say they are, answers questions and concerns they may have, and preventing, identifying, and reporting malpractice if it happens while the test is going on. It is a safe and secure alternative to traditional on-site testing. Whether it is the corporate sector, universities, or colleges, customized online proctoring services offer those in authority a technology-enabled way of testing and assessment.


How An Online Proctored Exam Will Work

When a candidate takes part in an online proctored exam, they are required to download software and the exam happens on it. The software prevents the candidate from opening another web browser while the exam is on and the candidate has to provide identification on camera. After confirmation of the candidate’s identity, he will be asked to show around the room to ensure that there is no one else present to help with the exam. After this is done, the exam begins under the watchful eyes of the proctoring service professional.


Types Of Proctoring

Let’s now look at the various types of proctoring services that are available:

  1. Offline Proctoring

This is the traditional way examinations, tests and assessments have been conducted. The proctor looks over candidates in a physical exam setting while they write their tests.


  1. Remote Proctoring

This is the method of proctoring that is based on technology and can ensure that candidates sitting in various locations in the world can take part in the same test at the same time. There are three types of remote proctoring services available:

  • Live Online Proctoring Services: With live video and audio feeds, a proctor in this type of test monitors the candidates as they are giving the examination. The professionals working are trained to look for red flags in the form of shifty eyes, suspicious behaviour, etc. This type of testing allows corporate companies to find the brightest candidates.
  • Recorded Proctoring Services: In this type of test, the candidate is recorded while the test is on which is replayed by a proctor in fast-forward motion later to catch any red flags. 
  • Automated Proctoring: This type is completely manual intervention-free and the computer records and looks for red flags while the test is on. This is the most modern form of online proctoring available.


High-Stakes Exams: How Live Proctoring Services Help

Corporate high-stake competitive exams and assessment tests for candidates can be easier if live remote proctoring is used.

  • Security: A high level of security is maintained during tests.
  • Authentic and error-free results: With candidates on live, the chances of error-free results are very high.
  • Non-intrusive: Candidates will be able to give the test in peace.
  • Scalability: Manual intervention with live remote proctoring is zero, so the test can be scaled easily.


Online proctoring assessments For Companies: A Good Idea?

The corporate sector benefits a lot when online proctoring services are used for the assessment of candidates before hiring and training. A lot of money can be saved by hiring candidates that meet the company's needs better than others.

What does the future hold?

The future of online proctoring is big. Facial recognition, facial movement analysis, and more, remote proctoring is going to be accepted as a useful and smart alternative to traditional testing.



The benefits that remote proctoring services bring to organizations are myriad. Professional proctoring services can cut costs and ensure a fair and secure exam every time.