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Why using communication assessments tools in campus hiring is helping organizations achieve massive success?

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Why using communication assessments tools in campus hiring is helping organizations achieve massive success?

Date: 23/11/2021 | Category: General


“Catch them young” is a phrase often used in the business world. Hiring fresh talent improves the dynamics of an organization. Fresh ideas, perspectives, new schools of thought, inventiveness, and high-energy levels are injected into the organization. Not to forget that fresh recruits are ambitious and willing to work hard and smart to make an impact. 

But hiring fresh talent out of colleges and universities is not without hassles. Organizations have to devise communication assessment tools to filter the best from the not-so-best. Research indicates that candidates that have good communication are most likely to produce the best results. That’s why designing an effective online communication skills questionnaire or assessment is sure to bait the best fishes in the pond.

What are the basic communication skills that a communication assessment measures? 

Communication assessment measures a candidate’s:

  • Writing skills – It’s not only about grammar and punctuation, but also about expressing oneself clearly and articulately.
  • Reading skills – Working in an organization involves reading, analyzing, and applying the knowledge gained.
  • Listening skills – In a collaborative atmosphere, good listening skills reduce confusion and duplication of effort.
  • Verbal skills – It’s not only the vocabulary that matters, but the intent, articulation, and presentation skills. 

What are some of the challenges in assessing communication skills?

  • Assessing communication over voice conversations

Communication skills assessment over a phone conversation is time-consuming, and not cost efficient. It also leads to errors in judgment, as factors such as interviewer discretion, bias, and personality traits may influence the decision. 

  • Assessing communication in personal interactions or interviews

Many times, an incompetent interviewer panel can deny a promising candidate an opportunity. It can also be that the incompetent interviewers can give an opportunity to a candidate who has lots of improvement areas. 

  • Overlooking communications skills fitment by de-prioritizing the criteria

Many organizations make the critical mistake of overvaluing technical skills over communication skills. Such an approach has immediate results. It manifests itself within the organization in many ways and slows overall organizational performance. 

How are basic communication skills assessed?

  • Writing skills

Check the person’s level of comprehension. The way they can articulate and relay information unambiguously. Basic salutations, sentence structure, grammar, and closures. Writing skills that fall below a basic threshold cannot qualify further. 

  • Reading skills 

Speed-reading, remembering critical pieces of data, comprehending complex data, applying levels of analysis, and using intuitive judgment to analyze unknown information. Reading assesses a person’s cognitive skills, analytical skills, and also general knowledge.

  • Listening skills

A calm and composed mind is not an inborn trait. It is cultivated. Those who can quietly listen and can control their distractions, are a real asset. Listening skills test a candidate’s level of attention.

  • Speaking skills

Effective communicators convey information without loss of information and context. Eloquent communicators add emotion to the information. Speaking skills assessment estimates the articulation level of a candidate.

Why do recruiters prefer to use online communication assessment technology?

Online communication assessments are technology-backed, neutral, and highly convenient. The conveniences they provide are innumerable. Interviews can be location-agnostic, screening can be automated, assessments can be proctored by AI virtual assistants, and outcomes validated by data science. 

Why choose MeritTrac’s communication assessment tests?

MetirTrac’s communication assessment tests are scientific, data-driven, algorithm based, and highly-customizable. Organizations around the world have realized incredible success, thanks to MeritTrac’s accurate assessment tests. This 360 degrees assessment methodology of MeritTrac is constantly evolving to meet the volatile and varying requirements of the business world. No matter the nature of the business or the complexity of the hiring requirement, a MeritTrac communication assessment test can easily sieve the best from the rest. 


Choosing a quality online assessment tool helps organizations reduce cost, spot the best talent, retain top talent, and increase their chances of sustained profitability. MeritTrac online communication assessment tests are the only solution to get the best fresh talent.