3 Tips to Customize Campus Recruitment for High Quality Hires

3 Tips to Customize Campus Recruitment for High Quality Hires

3 Tips to Customize Campus Recruitment for High Quality Hires

Date: 20/07/2018 | Posted by: MeritTrac | Category: Corporate

India’s job market is on an upswing currently, thanks to robust campus recruiting in the country. In early 2018, pre-placement offers (PPOs) witnessed a 25-30% jump in top colleges. But with India also recording the highest pay hikes in the world, thanks to a low base and high inflation, competition among employers visiting campuses is stiff. Add to it the fact that modern job seekers demand a radically different candidate experience, greater transparency, brand authenticity, and more – all before they even consider applying for jobs in any company. How can employers stand out and customize their campus recruitment strategy to ensure they bag the best talent?

Here are three ways to go about it:

#1 Treat your website as the face of your brand

Create career sites, dedicated microsites and landing pages for college students where they can quickly get all the information that matters – what it’s like to work in your organisation, which business verticals you cater to, available job openings, internships, events that graduates can register for, etc. Make these sites mobile friendly and visually appealing with interactive videos, authentic testimonials, and user friendly navigation and features. Ensure to keep the application and registration process easy and engaging for millennial candidates.

#2 Go social in a big way

Posting content on social media platforms without a proper strategy or not having a dedicated team to take care of your social media followers can be the easiest route for a brand to become unpopular with students. The latter look up to companies that are active on social platforms, post relevant content regularly, respond to queries and comments from followers and take the effort to engage with their target audience in a meaningful manner. However, employers must be careful about which social platforms to focus on. In India, only 36% of job seekers are actually active on LinkedIn while 40% are active on Twitter and 83% on Facebook.Most campuses also have internal online portals and talent communities for specific roles – recruiters must join these groups and scour them to land the right campus talent. L’Oreal Group, the world’s largest cosmetics company does a great job of leveraging social media for recruitment across its global offices by customizing its career page for every social platform.

#3 Leverage online assessment solutions

Today when job-seekers are inundated with choice, making them wait while you assess their assignments and interviews; could prove to be a spoiler right at the beginning. Online assessment solutions can help fast-track the process by providing real-time, accurate, and in-depth results so companies can assess candidates at a granular level and spot the best-fit quickly. Conduct on-the-spot interviews, hackathons or other such innovative events, coupled with real time scientific assessments to really stand out as a recruiter.

Relationships matter most

To build a robust pipeline of campus talent, companies must have a long-term strategy in place wherein they focus on building relationships with students before, during, and after the recruitment season. Visit career fairs often, network with prospective target candidates, engage with them through emails, social media pages, and communities and offer them a peek inside your organisation from time-to-time. Whether these efforts result in your target talent joining your organisation or them referring you to others, its good business for you, at the end of the day.