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4 Tips to Ace Your Campus Recruitment Drives

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4 Tips to Ace Your Campus Recruitment Drives

Date: 09/03/2020 | Posted by: Krish, B2B Content catalyst | Category: Campus Recruitment , Corporate

4 Tips to Ace Your Campus Recruitment Drives

Competition is fierce even when you want to dole out hundreds of jobs. Many such job seekers are not employable, and those who are employable are vulnerable to many jobs that may be available. You want to hire a bunch of fresh graduates, but you realise that too many others are eying the same folks. Everyone wants the first day, has similar mandates, seek similar competencies. So what if millions are graduating - the talent pool is still limited, staffing and time are constraints, diversity is the new mandate; but in the midst of all that, you need to attract the very best graduates to fill your entry level hiring like a charm. No drop-offs, please!

You are not alone! According to a new study published at Outlook India magazine, 50% of recruiters face challenges with existing campus hiring. For 55% of organisations, the biggest challenges are building pre-placement connect and brand visibility with students. Another grave area is logistics management and coordination with multiple campuses for multiple rounds at play. Add to that, the very basic task of shortlisting the right set of campuses to achieve the right yield. An above all, administrating right screening assessments to filter candidates for interviews.

As we churn out the above, below we look at four tips to succeed in hiring best college graduates

Shortlisting campuses: While there is no dearth of colleges offering engineering and management courses, for employers, pinning down from thousands is a task. Once the job roles are locked, evaluation of campuses on various industry parameters can elicit a clear picture devoid of bias. Along with variables like result orientation, market insight, industry connect, customer focus and emotional stability, an organisation can also blend in its own data points like successful hires from past, cultural fitment, rankings of the college, average salary, etc. The availability of specific skills in a specific college and how relevant these skills are in the marketplace works as an important factor.       

Pre-placement connect and visibility: Organisations normally use pre-placement engagements talks and presentations before the placement session begins. Visiting the campus can help companies get a feel of the campus and use the opportunity to build the brand and its proposition. Building an employer’s brand visibility through pre-placement engagement is critical. From hosting information sessions to creating a year-round digital strategy specific for campus recruitment, establishing a strong employer brand helps candidates recognise the company and create excitement.

Logistics management and coordination: Right from booking interview venues to find a convenient time slot which does not clash with a parallel drive, from coordinating multiple stakeholders from the  college management to travel and lodging across the country, recruiters face an enormous challenge in executing campus screening process. With appropriate campus visits and logistical support, employers can have a sigh of relief.  

Screening assessment: These days a plethora of skill assessment tests are used during the screening stage of campus drive. However, many organisations are unable to identify and administer the right assessment to evaluate and shortlist candidates. MeritTrac has diverse range of products (From cognitive to communication, behavioural to domain knowledge assessments) and solutions (recruitment assessment, workforce development assessment) in this space.    

New-age recruiters are resorting to a range of innovative hiring solutions to hire the best talent from universities and colleges. MeritTrac offers a variety of recruitment assessment solutions that specifically cater to hiring skilled entry-level candidates. Recruiters can evaluate cognitive skills, behavioural traits, domain skills, communications skills, and more through MeritTrac’s assessment platforms such as Pariksha, SmartTest, CodeTrac, etc. To hire freshers with good employability fit, recruiters can subscribe to AceTrac, a platform that gives them access to well-qualified student communities and educational institutions. Reduce miss-hires and attrition rates and improve employee engagement with MeritTrac’s unique recruitment solutions.

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