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3 Ways Assessments Boost Campus Hiring

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3 Ways Assessments Boost Campus Hiring

Date: 18/07/2018 | Posted by: MeritTrac | Category: Assessment , Campus Recruitment , Corporate

World’s leading companies like – The Boston Consulting Group (BCG), Bain & Co, Accenture Strategy, and Deloitte to name a few, boosted their B-school campus hiring by 15-20% during 2017-18. How are these firms able to attract fresh graduates? Their powerful brand image, engaging hiring processes, handsome pay packages and innovative on-boarding solutions are some of the reasons behind the successful hiring spree. With competition for young talent becoming more intense, a solid campus recruitment strategy is indispensable. However, high volumes of job applications, diverse range of qualifications and different grading methodologies make campus hiring a challenging process.

As a result, organizations are increasingly considering strategic hiring methods with a human touch to identify top talent. According to the Global Recruiting Trends 2018 by LinkedIn, 61% of Indian respondents believe that interviewing innovation is extremely important to the future of hiring. Scientifically designed assessment solutions have emerged as a prime value creator in delivering modern hiring experiences.  In addition to assessing candidate job skills, well-crafted and implemented campus recruitment assessments offer the ability to measure soft skills such as teamwork, providing a more holistic picture of the candidates.

Here are three ways organizations can leverage recruitment assessment solutions to ramp up campus hiring:

#1 Enable seamless Test Administration

An integrated platform that administers online tests is key to reducing average time to fill, reduce cost per hire and hire candidates who can meet on-the-job expectations. Organizations also benefit from secure and accelerated assessment delivery, real-time visibility of assessment and interview performance, easy access to candidate information with digital storage, and seamless integration with human resource management systems. This, in turn, facilitates efficient interview scheduling and management, performance-based candidate ranking and better candidate engagement.

#2 Enhance Employability Assessment

With digital technologies disrupting the business landscape, specialized skills are emerging as the new currency across organizations. However, a study conducted by IBM found that only 40% of organizations have recruited new employees with requisite job skills. For companies looking to hire fresh graduates, developing and enhancing employable skills is critical to boosting productivity. Leveraging a leading-edge assessment platform can help organizations simplify hiring processes, and measure and develop candidate’s cognitive abilities, communication skills, and overall personality during their formative college years. The benefit for businesses:  ability to identify best-fit candidates and reduced training time.

#3 Hire from Pre-Assessed Candidate Pool

High performing talent is critical to organizational success. Recruitment assessment solutions enable companies to access pre-assessed pool of candidates and hire right talent based on job-fitment score. The result: easy access to all the resources and reduced hiring time. What’s more? Using competency-based assessments during the hiring process helps employers create project teams comprising people with complementary skills. This helps outline employee development and promotional paths within the organization – enabling employees to learn more skills beyond their current roles.

It is crucial that organizations commit to investing in scientific hiring and assessment tools and platforms to get the most out of their campus hiring initiatives. Citi, for instance, uses scientifically designed assessments for its campus recruitment program, resulting in a better understanding of the talent base and higher diversity in its workforce. It’s clear that even for businesses with strong branding in place, deploying recruitment assessment solutions for campus hiring helps better understand candidates’ strengths and weaknesses early on for sustained hiring success.