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Online evaluation on mind? These 11 reasons and multiple benefits are hitting competition out of the park

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Online evaluation on mind? These 11 reasons and multiple benefits are hitting competition out of the park

Date: 13/02/2020 | Posted by: Sudhanva Kimmane | Category: Digital Evaluation , Education

How schools, colleges and universities can accelerate examination evaluation correctly, securely and guarantee outcome at scale? How to simplify the task of answer sheet evaluation which is marred with errors and inconsistencies? Today, the bouquet of benefits offered by the rise of ed-tech is not only enabling the new bricks of education but the bastions of traditions as well. And why not? Isn’t it an imperative of modern time? In the online evaluation space, the pervasive power of digital enablement is simplifying, securing and accelerating education institutes’ complete assessment delivery. This brings much sought-after relief not just to the students but to the reputation of the examination bodies as well. The digital evaluation system is here to overcome the challenges faced by examiners in the most efficient manner. 

Many educational institutions still depend on traditional paper-based evaluation and are in oblivion to the benefits of online evaluation systems. Just as other industries’ behavioural shifts drove the digital transformation, the assessment vertical in education too essentially needs to explore (and experience) the all-round competencies and comfort of governance that digitization brings to the table. Imagine, for example, the amount of stress teachers, exam administrators, and moderators go through during the examination season. This can be eliminated at the root with the help of a robust online evaluation system.  

Today, it just seems that we can’t afford to be slipping behind by not leveraging digital. The widespread availability and adoption of ‘digital’ among parents, students and recruiters have set the bar many notches higher. Just like ecommerce, healthcare, finance, insurance and the likes, the digital natives want similar experience from their overall education experience too. For recruiters, the ask is even blunter as they would match variables with their own employers’ best practices. At the end of the day - all of them, recruiters or students, expect more and better services, quicker. They have greater digital expectations from their educational and administrative experiences. Tabulation errors, delays or inconsistencies in evaluation, missing answer papers for example, are faux pas, education institutes cannot let seep into their process. Along with burning issues like inefficient and error laden marking process, the high cost of storing and archiving old answer scripts or long lead-time to collate evaluation data are also areas that need quick redressal. Fair and error-free evaluation practices and timely result delivery is a must in the highly competitive world of education. 

Contrary to half-baked belief, establishing the test evaluation process is quite easy on the ground.  It not only contributes to better student engagement but helps learning through bias-free assessment process too.  These systems are suitable for both computer-based and paper-based answer scripts, so optimising your school’s test evaluation process is quite easy.

11 Advantages of using online evaluation system

  1. Centralise and streamline exam administering and assessment as per the standards defined by the client. 
  2. Reduce high cost, effort and time taken to evaluate the answer sheets manually
  3. Scan and encrypt copies of answer sheets for quick and secure sharing
  4. On-screen evaluation of paper-based descriptive answer scripts
  5. Cuts down the chance of evaluation errors (wrong totalling, missing evaluation on few pages and etc), and improves reliable assessment of answer sheets
  6. Options to add comments and feedback for student’s reference
  7. Auto grading features to reduce human errors
  8. Evaluate answer scripts from a desktop, laptop or web-enabled device – Evaluate from anywhere & anytime
  9. Easy retrieval of answer scripts as per request from students or teachers
  10. Keep track of each student’s result and ranks
  11. Check specific results of a student and map their progress over time 

How MeritTrac simplifies the exam administration and evaluation process

Many prestigious schools, colleges and universities across India are extensively using MeritTrac for examination administration and evaluation. MeritTrac is an ISO 9001:2008, ISO 27001, and CMMI Level 5 certified company. It not only enables 100 percent transparent process but also manages large scale test evaluations with quick turnaround time. Some of the key services offered are:

  1. Exam centre identification and certification
  2. Online/OMR based application processing
  3. An online test booking system
  4. Easy exam scheduling with exam content management
  5. Flexibility to administer multiple-choice, self-report, interactive questions, detailed text descriptions and other question types
  6. On-screen evaluation anywhere, any time
  7. Auto-grading and instant score generation
  8. SMS/email alerts
  9. E-hall tickets
  10. Payment gateway support

MeritTrac highlights: Unparalleled in the industry

  1. TracMARKS, the On-Screen Marking platform of MeritTrac is built on world’s best technologies. The platform developed by MeritTrac is a total end-to end system environment to ensure success of the project right from scanning to result processing.  
  2. Over 2.5 crore evaluations have been done using MeritTrac’ s TracMARKS platform over the last 7 years for leading Universities, Institutions and Boards in India 
  3. Processed more than 850 Crore images with a scanning capacity of 4 million images per day
  4. Achieved zero transmission loss of evaluated data
  5. Only service provider in the industry to provide DR facility for OSM activity with 99.8% uptime of evaluation servers
  6. Test Centre Network in over 350 cities spread across 2000 test centres; Online test centre network for evaluation of over 220,000 terminals in over 240+ cities
  7. Pioneer in the country having delivered On-Screen Marking (OSM) Services since 2011 using its TracMARKS platform. 
  8. Only platform in India offering structured evaluation where each question and answer can be zonalized and sent to different evaluators based on the subject they are entitled to evaluate